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  1. Likely to b late on mate, post 10, can jump on earlier if need be @Grumbo
  2. LW Replacement Group Three

    Apologies lads called into work and just finished
  3. perfect mate, ill try get on a bit earlier just away to leave work now @Nuuthatch
  4. Clubs Official Apology Thread.

    @j0rd4n500 remember that time you said you were the best CAM surely due everyone an apology for that
  5. Be after half 10 mate, can do half 5 tomorrow mate? @Nuuthatch
  6. @Nuuthatch not til later on tonight mate, could probably squeeze a quick game in just before 6?
  7. Wed Night LW replacement event

    In, fire the crown on the line aswell
  8. Shaun 3 - 3 @Berty44 well played mate
  9. Xbox LW Group A

    Shaun 7-1 @Marc-The-Knife
  10. Xbox LW Group A

    ShaunC92 3-0 @Joe
  11. Xbox LW Group A

    ShaunC92 2-1 @Berty44
  12. Xbox LW RED CARD Sign Up

  13. Friday at 10pm is fine mate