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  1. Result: 1-0 Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: Nottingham Forest Scorers: L. Moore OG (18) Clean Sheet: Foster Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Morel Away Team Manager: @Sc0tty84 Franchise: Kaizer Chiefs Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: A decent attacking game in which both teams had intent and pushed the ball forward quickly. Forest cam out of the blocks first and a decent opportunity for Holtby was smashed high and wide before Foster then had to make a smart stop at the other end as the Chiefs looked to take the lead. Kanunnikov was then put through on goal and what looked like a scoop shot into the top corner turned out to be a Liam Moore OG for the Chiefs... the replay proves inconclusive... Holtby and Susaeta then forced fingertip saves from Andujar before Mina and Adnan missed opportunities to level the game. As the Chiefs pushed forward, Forest began to find holes at the back and should've increased the lead but Andujar and the woodwork thwarted Gamboa, Kanunnikov and Badelj, before Badelj shot wide when through at the very end of the game. Well played Scott, good luck with your remaining games bud
  2. Well played @Berty44 Enjoy the Prem
  3. Bad defending for that last goal - where was the all or nothing challenge on Memphis Delay? Best goal though after the overhead half volley...
  4. Hey, @Lukewarm1337, just in case you missed it, get EA Access, no need to thank me
  5. Looking forward to it, see you at 10 @j0rd4n500
  6. Confirmed, @DavoteK's only criticism of the PS4 in party was the PS4 controller. All other abuse was at each other in party @Mowgles @sargie13 @BlondeDan @j0rd4n500 The topics and posts have ramped up activity on the forum significantly Yeah, seen a couple of people hit the woodwork with that sort of opportunity @Tiernobyl @Mo to the Fo
  7. Bit greedy though @Chris_Kenny. Cutback to @Kerrgio was definitely on at the end of that move
  8. See above post
  9. All in the past...barely ventured outside of the centre circle in the opposition half last night when at CDM
  10. You have to redeem the emailed code so it might not be GT specific... If anyone wants to test the theory, feel free to send me your code
  11. If (like me) you didn't get a BETA code, everything you need to know is here fifa-18-closed-beta-info There is a thread in the forum to air your grievances but it's full of s**tty moronic posts
  12. Ah yes, remember that, should've got a screenshot
  13. Literally in tears for the rest of that game
  14. Last 3 games, (nearly) top drawer, could've easily won all 3 but @Mowgles was too busy playing at their 3rd CB in the one we didn't, some impressive blocks with the face @Bumblebee G1 except for the couple of lapses where you nodded off... @Razakel very impressive at LM I thought
  15. 3 in the end... 8 Xbox Ones on eBay?