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  1. Only on the red mate, you probably just edged it overall
  2. Result: 0-1 Home Team Manager: BlondeDan Franchise: Nottingham Forest Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: Holtby (70) MoTM (if applicable): Away Team Manager: @Superceltic67 Franchise: Celtic Scorers: Livaja (72) Clean Sheet: Khune Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Livaja Match Report: A very close affair in which Celtic took the 3 points after scoring the games' only goal. Forest were still baffled by the red card for Holtby when Celtic took advantage of the moment and Livaja stole in to seal the win following wholesale changes by the hoops at half time. In his probable last game for the club, Volland should have levelled it late on but another great save from Khune denied the team any points as they remain not many points from the drop. Highlights including shocker of a red card below: Good game Paul
  3. After his back-to-back promotions or are the admin team just thinking of sticking him in the Prem now?
  4. Played Berty!
  5. Add the new guy as he wants in on clubs
  6. Voted already
  7. @Revskic 2-2 BlondeDan
  8. You are
  9. Or And I'll use Bradford City if that's good? Can I make the call on the team by 8:30?
  10. Yes, let's make it an event. I have however only just realised my birthday is Feb 5th...
  11. ...if one day I get given the ability to edit my posts, I'll finish them properly... Got Mason Holgate too as a future replacement on would hope...
  12. Not too shabby, no superstars though... GK: G. Loovens RB: A. Mandi CB: O. Kucher 78 CB: A. Demir LB: S. Radu 79 RM: S. Janko CM: Rubén Pardo LM: R. Arboleda ST: J. Kodjia ST: Welliton ST: B. McKay Put Loovens in goal as I have no keeper. Quite a few younger players further down the list with 'potential' too...
  13. Somebody told me once (meaning it may or may not be true) that if you're keeper has the up for corners trait and you're all out attack that he'll come and join the corner fun Good work on defence 1
  14. As I can't be arsed wading through the other thread and indeed adding to it, @Red Rhinoceros if you manage to overcome the challenges of @sofarukus with your 2 goal headstart (he might need to change his 6 at the back formation ) and @payne wales with your goal lead, I'd like to take on at around 10pm tonight if that works?