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  1. Fao Davo / Admin Team - League Wars Discussion

    FUT probably rules a few people out too
  2. FUT18

    Got a bit bored of Italians only so went Calcio A with accumulated coins. Nainggolan is lovely to use
  3. Xbox LW RED CARD Sign Up

    Only straight red cards count as goals, or do twowould yellow cards for the same player?
  4. Xbox LW RED CARD Sign Up

    @Shelbourne goals count as goals and only straight red cards count as goals, is that right?
  5. FUT18

    Ouch, I think the lowest rated Litmanen is the cheapest option for the ICON SBC too unless anyone knows differently
  6. FUT18

    Before I went wired, yes we did. Not after
  7. FUT18

    It's a strange one, nothing disconnects apart from the EA servers, I stay connected to live and any other devices remain connected. I've never dropped from an online friendly either just during squad battles...if other people aren't experiencing it I'll do some more research
  8. FUT18

    Similar, has to be scripted to some extent. Lost 2 games (and a couple of unsurprising server disconnects), but both losses were against teams with poor chemistry, one of whom was rated in the 70s and the other had Neymar, Hazard, Ronaldo and some other superstars in the starting 11, the rest with 100 chemistry were won at a canter pretty much
  9. FUT18

    In one of the gamed I played, the opposition had Sterling at CM, he was ridiculous. Pretty sure he can play anywhere considering how overpowered he is
  10. FUT18

    @PpJt, you tried Wieser at RB? He's quite a bit quicker than Kimmich, failing that, just get a Prem RB, there's quite a few decent options
  11. FUT18

    Not too bad then considering what some people have spent and what they got. For Rijkaard you'll get well over 400K in coins if you sell. Ditto, although I haven't paid for any this year, I bought a few in 17 and packed lots of s**tters. @ChairFloor, where did you get Shearer?
  12. FUT18

    How much did you spend @antsneo?
  13. FUT18

    200k for Nainggolan! Really worth that? Might expand my Italian team to include a Calcio A option
  14. Xbox Group C

    Good games lads Results added to table
  15. Xbox League Wars signup - 15/10/2017 9pm

    Yes please