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  1. FUT18

    You ready for it? Claudio Bravo was the best I got!
  2. FUT18

    Im in Div 2. Only played 2 games in it tho. Currently 19 wins with like 12/13 games remaining. So hoping to get to Gold 1.
  3. FUT18

    If you have the cards go for it. Hed be a cracking super sub. Just like the Christiansen card thats up too.
  4. FUT18

    Currently 10-7. Won a fair few games with this team. Was working with my prem/calcio a 442 narrow diamond team. This team is so balanced now. Gona save and buy the purple Benatia card and sell Bonucci and save for the Juventus RBs IF card. Can never spell his name Mbappe is sooooo OP its unreal. On same level as Martial and Gabriel Jesus.
  5. FUT18

    Finally got a decent gold upgrade + pull. Modric
  6. FUT18

    Rui Costa at CAM is a dream. Well worth it since you dont need to trade in an Icon.
  7. FUT18

  8. FUT18

    I have no more golds in my club now Only the ones i use in my starting 11!
  9. FUT18

    I done like 10 of the gold upgrade plus SBCs. Best i got was Bernardo Silva and Gueye!
  10. FUT18

    That second goal you should send it into ea to get on their weekly top 10 goals. You dont win anything apart from the fact the world sees your goal
  11. FUT18

    Aye thats pretty disgusting. Youd have to be getting top 100 alot and the same with squad battles OR spent an absolute fortune and packed some of them.
  12. FUT18

    18-10 for me. Was on a 5 game win streak but i had to go to bed for work. Wish i had more time to complete them. Lukaku and Prime Icon Del Peiro is pretty good up top
  13. FUT18

    Thats the magic moments of fifa. The games you win against guys who play "win at all costs" gayery tactics and they lose then proceed to message you with abuse.
  14. FUT18

    Im 9-5 so far. Was 6-1 friday morning. Friday night my team was playing like crap. So ive switched the whole team around. Will see how it fairs later.
  15. FUT18

    IF Immobile is incredible to use. Just ashame i suck at the game