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  1. FIFA 18 news

    Dont think so. Thats what I was waiting for. So i bought their PSN codes and bought it off PSN.
  2. GOTR S13: Round 7 Voting

    Only reason I put my goal up was because I pressed pass and up ended up going in Won me a KoTH game as it was a Golden Goal
  3. Playoff Final : Robbie v Steevoo - [Confirmed]

    Congrats @RobbieM1977. Come and enjoy the prem bummings with me
  4. New King!! Chris_Kenny vs Tommo - [Confirmed]

    Its the way to go. Ive played 4312 but stuck it to attacking alot or all out attack. Been fair few times ive made it 2-0 and had to go to Golden Goal
  5. New King!! Chris_Kenny vs Tommo - [Confirmed]

    Good luck @tommo-uk- with overcoming all these 2 goals head starts
  6. Result: (DJPL) Chelsea 6 - 2 Villarreal CF (Chris_Kenny) Home Team Manager: @DJPL Franchise: Chelsea Scorers: A. Cerci x2, R. Van Persie x2, O. Hurmaci, E. Forsberg MoTM (if applicable): Van Persie Away Team Manager: Chris_Kenny Franchise: Villarreal CF Scorers: A. Mehmedi, A. Aquilani Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): Match Report: Well played. Great end to end game. See you next season
  7. Chris_Kenny 1 - 2 @tommo-uk- A. Aquilani L. Lopez x2 MoTM: L. Lopez! Well played. Great end to end game with 3 dodgy goals.
  8. PS4 King Times!!

    Im on now til late!
  9. PS4 King Times!!

    8.30pm onwards @Ellis3377
  10. PS4 King Times!!

    Cause no one else plays. Theres like 4/5 of us that keep it alive
  11. PS4 King Times!!

    If i get on and youre on @tommo-uk- ill give you a message I might be able to come on earlier but wouldnt be able to guarantee it.
  12. PS4 King Times!!

    Working til 5.30
  13. PS4 King Times!!

    Tonight: 8pm 8.30pm 9pm 9.30pm ...
  14. PS4 King Times!!

    No worries
  15. Chris_Kenny 4 - 2 @ScottWales A. Aquilani x2, A. Szalai x2 2 free goals Well played