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  1. Berty on the rampage!
  2. Im free to play if Steve doesnt turn up
  3. Ill be on from 10pm ish onwards for some more clubw action
  4. Great clubs session last night @blacksalmon trying to get that guy from the other team sent off
  5. Yeah. Not sure whats happened to the PS side of things. At one point it was jumping. At one point we had a party chat that was open for a few days witbout starting a new one. Always people there to play. Now i find that @fungusking and @PALSfocusST are the only ones that are on for friendlies. Did play @SteveViper a few last night and there was a few of us on last night but its just not what it was like fifa 16 etc. Maybe we've just grown weary of fifa 17 and dont play it as much now. Just waiting for fifa 18 or as @Tazarr has said. FUT has taken over and people are more interested in playing that than FLM friendlies?
  6. Time to get an xbox?
  7. Yeah. Gets boring very quickly. I havent touched a game of FUT in like 2/3 weeks. So less stressful
  8. Result: (Tommo) Bayern Munich 1 - 1 Villarreal CF (Chris_Kenny) Home Team Manager: Tommo Franchise: Bayern munich Scorers: Palacio 53' MoTM: Kone Away Team Manager: Chris Kenny Franchise: Villarreal CF Scorers: M. Kanmunnikov 68' MoTM: S. Naismith Match Report: Not much in this game. Both teams cancelled each other out. Bit of silky ball control in the box allowed Palacio to create space to score from inside the box. Kanunnikov managed to squirm ast Kone to put in the equaliser. Apart from that, that was it. Good luck with the rest of the season
  9. Result: (Chris_Kenny) Villarreal CF 2 - 4 Tigres UANL (ScottRFC) Home Team Manager: Chris_Kenny Franchise: Villarreal CF Scorers: M. Kanunnikov 22', A. Perez 54' Red Cards: C. Trasch Away Team Manager: @Scott-RFC Franchise: Tigres Uanl Scorers: T. Deeney 11', 29', Hernani 35', B. McKay 90' MoTM: Hernani Match Report: End to end game. Red card made it harder for Villarreal but Tugres class over came Villarreal to earn all 3 points. The fans are on Villarreals back after yet another defeat. Weel played. Good luck with the season
  10. Nice one @Ellis3377 !!!!
  11. I can imagine dave raging as hes posting this very nice post
  12. Gutted. Steven "Messi" Naismith was ripping you to shreds as well until Lasne ruined it
  13. Chris_Kenny 2 - 3 PPJT S. Naismith x2 P. Lasne, A. Pinto, Free Goal.