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  1. FUT18

    Guess who opened one 125k pack last night and packed Poty De Bruyne?
  2. FUT18

    Sitting at 14-5. Prime Henry winning me games alone Managed to finish Prime Pires as well. So using 4231 the now. Pires and Hazard are my super subs. Seems to be working. Had one game where I was 3-1 down. Clawed it back to 3-3 only to lose it from a penalty. Guy plays a short corner to his guy who is making the run towards him. He dummies it and my AI player runs into him
  3. FUT18

    Was sitting on 1.4m coins. Worked out how much itd be for Prime Henry and found i had enough. Gave up Schmeichel, Deco & Rui Costa for him. Beet decision to make. Hes amazing. Hes my team now...
  4. FUT18

    Sold Inzaghi today. Got 1.4m coins now. Will probably save til I get Ronaldo. Big regret selling him. Also. Had all relevant players for MMs. Managed to get this in one of the packs... @tommo-uk- - #PackLyfChooseMe
  5. FUT18

    Pack weight seemed fine to me
  6. FUT18

    Probably best in a 433 or 442. Crosses to him. Set him up and he will finish. Does make good runs etc. I have him and Del Piero upfront with Bergkamp at CAM. @rising star - Got mines from Bergkamp SBC and a few I used points on.
  7. FUT18

    No. Not joking. Last pack i got 87 Inzaghi. From my other packa i only got Coutinho who i thought was Neymar
  8. FUT18

    I had 11 packs to open. Left my 5 rare player packs. Mines were mostly from the Bergkamp SBC. Pulled Coutinho. Then my last pack i got 87 Inzaghi Thatll do nicely.
  9. FUT18

    Makes you think if theres any point in splashing out on the icons etc when you can guy Martial, Gabriel Jesus and Alessandrini just do the same job
  10. FUT18

    Theres a tab on the card called Icon profile. Click on all 3 and it tells you.
  11. FUT18

    Whole career.
  12. FUT18

    If you pick like Bergkamp for instance. All you need to do is analog click his card and go to bio and it lists his clubs, appearances and goals etc and international team as well.
  13. FUT18

    Weekly rewards for Silver 1 i got Isco. Then Silver 1 for minthlies. I got 86 CF Raffael, the Benevetto(sp?) Keeper and Roofus the leeds player. Ill probably give Raffael a go since he has 90 for dribbling. Would be nice at CAM i think. Didnt qualify for WL via last weekend and i was in hospital the last couple of days. Probably a good thing. Means i can enjoy my weekend
  14. FUT18

    Futbin says itll cost around 2.6m for Prime Henry SBC. Might go down after the Totw SBCs.
  15. FUT18

    He gets most of his icons from EA 😂😂