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  1. Well played bud
  2. @Razakel 1 - 0 Doob scorer Berisha Played with league game. Well played bud nice goal to win it
  3. On earlier than expected if anyone is about
  4. I'll be on just after 10 lads get in quick as it wont last long
  5. I'll take tomorrow half 1 slot bud
  6. Result: 1-0 Home Team Manager: Doob Franchise: Santiago Wanderers Scorers: Villa Clean Sheet: Gomes Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): None both sets of players were pish Away Team Manager: Pacfish Franchise: PSG Scorers: Clean Sheet: Red Cards: MoTM (if applicable): As above Match Report: Midfield lockdown with few chances. Pac missed a penalty and I hit the wrong button lucky enough setting up Villa. Cheers for the game bud
  7. gk's below bud Stevebhoy - Barbosa Doob - Gomes
  8. Aye good midfield battle back and forth well played pal
  9. Aye good game pal couldn't scramble another in for the point
  10. Aye well played pal 2 good goals each other 4 were horrific
  11. Still good for this bud I'm on ?