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  1. Forza 7

    I haven't even touched multiplayer yet. Just playing through the forza drivers cup at the moment. Some of the showcase races are really good.
  2. Forza 7

    Yeah the prize crates aren’t that bad. I myself have been sticking to the 20k & 50k ones to get mods for races. I’m enjoying it was more than previous Forzas. Some of the tracks in this game are awesome. The Dubai & Rio ones especially so.
  3. What game are you currently playing?

    Agreed. I thought Hardline was decent too.
  4. Wolfenstein 2: The new collosus

    I’m definitely getting this. Looks brilliant!
  5. What game are you currently playing?

    Not aware of any at the moment. Best bet is to probably wait for a sale. It was £3.99 a while ago on a sale, but can’t remember if that was on XBL or PSN.
  6. What game are you currently playing?

    It is a brilliant game!
  7. FUT18

    Another Aberdeen team of the week player. Last week Rooney. This week Arnason
  8. FUT18

    Paid 10,000 coins for Adam Rooney TOTW card last night following his hat trick at the weekend. He has gone up from a 69 rated Silver to a 77 rated Gold.
  9. Lames With Gold

    Only one I've played out of that 4 is MoH. Turing Test is supposed to be not bad.
  10. FIFA 18 EA Access

    I was the same. I watched IGN's video review and they way they were talking about it I thought at the end they were going to give it a 5 or 6. Then 8.1 popped up at the end.
  11. Playstation Plus

    Brilliant line up!
  12. FIFA 18 EA Access

    You need a GK, pm me. I have one for sale. Plays for Wolves I think.
  13. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Yeah it seems to be. The ones I’ve taken so far online, the arrow shows up as well which is good.
  14. FIFA 18 EA Access

    Penalties are much better than they were on 17.
  15. FIFA 18 EA Access

    I’m f**ked then as I’m not getting a Xbox One X.