Become the King of your console and fend off challengers to establish a reign over the other peasants. 

How to become The King
There will be a one night tournament to decide the inaugural King of The Hill on each console, with the winner being crowned. If you are unavailable or unsuccessful in this tournament, fear not, you can lay down a challenge to the king and try to take the crown off him. 


Defend Your Crown
You will be expected to defend the crown 3 times a week at the very minimum. You will state times of availability in 30min slots, with participants taking up the challenge on a first come first served basis. There will also be a challenge section where the challenge can call you out and lay down a challenge to you. 

Failure to defend your crown 3 times during a week will see the crown stripped from your and a new tournament created to establish a new king. 


Teams & Themes
Initially, we will start proceedings with league teams, but we will change it up and them things, from a choice of teams at a certain star rating, to a choice between two teams or based on what is apt for the time (i.e Champions League final participants) etc. 

We will chop and change to keep it fresh instead of being the same old, same old. 



  • The King must defend the crown 3 times during a week.
  • Failure to defend the crown 3 times in a week will see the crown stripped from the King and a new tournament put in place to decide a new king. 
  • The King must denote times of availability with 30min slots. The King will also be defending the crown during his league matches. 
  • When The King states his 30min slots, the peasants can pick these on a first come first served basis. If you can't make it, don't take it, or I will f**k you in the arsehole hard over it. 
  • The King must be beaten to lose the crown to the peasant challenging. 
  • If the first game is a draw, a subsequent golden goal match will take place with the same teams. If there are no goals in that match, it will be deemed a draw and the King will retain his crown. 
  • Peasants that have played and lost to the king, must wait a minimum of 5 additional defenses or 1 week to challenge the king again. (this is subject to change and is purely in place to avoid the King padding his stats). 5 defenses means that if you lose in game 1, you will not be able to challenge until the kind has completed game 6. If the King is de-throned, you can then challenge the new king ahead of that time.