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The Transfer Market and You

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What this guide aims to do

The FLM transfer market can be a daunting place for a new member, and even for veterans. This guide aims to help guide you through this labrinth, regardless of whether you are a new member or not, and even for those looking for a spot in the leagues in the future. We will focus firstly on the 'slang' of FLM, and what it means. Please bear in mind that all of this guide is likely biased towards my preferences, and how I prefer to do business.


This guide will from now on make some assumptions:

  1. You have at least a small understanding of the value of players and money, (if you are new then spend a bit of time looking at recently agreed/completed deals)
  2. You have at least one member of the leagues willing to go over prices/deals with you - for new members this may be their admin 'Mentor'.

  3. You are willing to take some time to make sure any deals you do are decent/beneficial to you.

  4. You have read the rules regarding transfer etiquette.

  5. You are not a total idiot.

(If you are not a current member of FLM, this section can be ignored)


Common terms and what they mean

In the transfer market, certain phrases and terms are used so often they are essentially clichés. For a new member of the leagues this can be difficult to pick up.

One such example is 'Silly'. In context this can look like - 'Only looking to sell for a silly offer'. This generally means that the manager in question does not really want to sell the player in question, but would like to see if there is interest, and also if there is someone willing to pay considerably over the odds.

Another is 'Slag/Slaggy'. This can mean one of two things – A high rated player, or a pacey player. Usually used as a qualifier to justify a high price.

Also very common is 'BIN', which stands for 'Buy it now'. Contrary to the name, this is usually either not a price that will automatically get you the player, or on the rare occasion it is, it is quite often a deliberately high price.

'Squaddie' means a low rated player who has little value other than to fill a place in a squad.

'Stats in all the right places' generally means that the player in question is limited outside of their specific role, be it a centre back or defensive player, or a poacher. Not necessarily a negative thing.

There are many more like this, but these will help to give a flavour of the vernacular here.

General Guidelines

This section will have some overall guidelines which should be used in any piece of transfer business, whether buying, selling or trading.

Managers are people too - This can sometimes be easy to forget, in that not all managers will share the same opinions, or valuations on players. Different managers value different things.

Value over personnel - You can loosely define managers in FLM in one of two categories – those that will sell players they like if they can make a decent profit, and those who will never sell a player they enjoy for anything less than a 'silly' amount.

Don't waste time making unrealistically low offers – This happens fairly often, whether as a joke or as a 'can't hurt to ask' idea. Well the issue with this is that it can hurt to ask – consistently making offers that are likely to offend managers will generally lower manager's opinion of you and hurt your ability to make deals further down the line.

Never leave yourself short-handed – This applies to both making sure you have 18 players at all times, and also that you must make sure you always have a capable first eleven for league games.

Keep abreast of players real-life status – Is a player a first team regular? Is he injured? Is there talk of him being transferred to a bigger club? Has he been playing well? Has he been upgraded recently? All of these are things you should consider when buying or selling a player. A bit of effort here can lead to large profits down the line.

Resales lower a players value – This is fairly self explanatory – players that are bought and then sold very soon afterwards tend to lose value. This is because most managers will wonder why a player is sold so often, and assume it is for a negative reason.


Young players are one of the most divisive things in the Leagues – with some believing that they represent a large profit in the future, and some who just enjoy playing with wonderkids. Others believe that they represent a huge risk, and that the lack of current ability to improve a team makes them next to useless.

If and when you decide to deal with youth talents, you need to understand that while some will happily pay 20, 30 million for a young superstar, some others will not. This makes youth players who have more potential difficult to use in trades.


The league a player plays in can have a fairly significant impact on their value. The BPL (Barclays Premier League) generally adds the most value, with the other 'big' leagues being close behind. Smaller league players tend to be worth less. Another league which affects the value of it's players in a large way is Turkey – for an unknown reason this league tends to see dramatic changes in player ratings, and some managers do not like to take the risk with players from here.

Another factor in the value of a player similar to the league they play in, is who is building a themed team and what said theme is.


A theme is just that. For example, a manager announcing that they are building an all-French team, and that all non-French players in their team are now for sale. This impacts the transfer market in a few ways. The players fitting this theme will instantly go up in value in general, and more so for the manager going for this theme. Adding to this is that the value of said managers players will go down, as the site in general knows that these players do not fit the theme.

Trades vs Money

In general terms, it's obvious that 'value' changes hands in one of two ways. A trade involving a player on either side and possibly money, or a sale involving a player on one side, and cash only on the other side. Which you should go for depends on what you want to do – are you selling a fringe player? If so perhaps cash only will be more useful. Are you selling a star player from your starting eleven? Then perhaps a trade bringing in a lesser replacement and cash will be more useful.

It is also worth noting that a deal involving a trade can, generally see a more one-sided deal, depending on both managers valuation of the players involved, and the site as a wholes valuations. If you aim to make yourself more and more value, then smart trades are probably the best way to do so.


In the context of this guide, I am defining an enquiry as private messaging someone, unsolicited, about a player they have. Generally, it is more difficult to get a player this way. If the manager hasn't publicly stated their intent to sell their player, they will naturally either not want to sell, or demand a higher price. There are also some managers that will not respond at all to enquiries – whilst irritating, this is a perfectly legitimate, if impolite response.

The main thing to remember when making an enquiry for a player is that you should only do so if you actually want the player – as it is unlikely you will get said player for a deal that will allow a profit.

Final thoughts

Whilst the FLM transfer market can be a difficult place to navigate at first, and it can be easy to end up doing poor deals, you generally get out what you get in. If you do your homework, and do the right deals you can definitely build yourself a great team. Just don't forget to actually play your league games!

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