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Tuesday, 07 March 2017 15:33

GOTR: Season 12 Round 4

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Wow, this was the craziest GOTR we have had for a long while. 5 tremendous goals, over 80 votes cast across the forum and Twitter and 1 runaway leader in the votes. It's great when it all comes together like this. Enough of the waffling, let's get talking about the goal, player and manager.

Portu, not exactly a household name is he? He doesn't really have the stats to score such a goal either, but he did and what a goal it was. If you havent seen the goal, take a look at it here:


  He is a player certainly to look out for in the future after working his way up from the Valencia Youth team and has bags of potential.

Certainly not blessed with finishing, Portu makes up for up with his pace, dribbling and passing. With his potential too, he will only get better over time. We spoke with manager Danny (DJPL) regarding the goal and a few other things, here's what he had to say:

What an exceptional GOTR, in terms of both goals and voting. In what originally started off very close in votes turned into one of the biggest victories ever in GOTR. What do you think made your goal stand out from the others?

I think it's because this player is not your regular household name and to see what some people might think is a squaddie, produce a piece of magic like that, stunning

Scoring that calibre of goal with Portu was exceptional going off what his stats are. Did you have the faith in him to pull off such a strike?

Tbh He's not really one for shooting. I think everyone was expecting the pass but he fooled the lot of us. If you'd seen him on training, most his shots end up finding the corner flag!

You voted for your own goal (boo, hiss etc), but if you had to choose another, which would you have gone for?


I looked at it and for my reasons above I had to go with my man. He's served me well this season. His confidence is not great at the moment with lots off transfer activity going on I had no other option. IF I had to choose, i would have certainly have gone for Balotelli.

75 members voted on the forum poll in this GOTR, which I believe is a record, but it took a lot more work to get people involved. What do you think can be done to improve or get people voting more?

Again like the previous rounds it took a bit off effort to get the votes in. I think twttier voters should be rewarded once in a while. Gets the FLM brand out there and again and people will know that 30 seconds of their time could prove fruitful.

You will be rewarded with 10m for winning GOTR, how do you plan on spending it?

Transfer window is due to open soon as this 10m is going to go towards a big name signing which we hope to announce very soon.

That is all folks for this GOTR, be sure to enter into the next few rounds as there wont be many left for this season.

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