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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 23:40

League Member Under Fraud Investigation

Written by Chip Wagner

The FLM Staff team yesterday received a tip off in relation to a possible illegal and underhand transfer deal. Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza Manager Riverman has been accused of trying to act in a transfer deal with a third party source before the player had actually signed a contract with Bruk-Bet Termalica Nieciecza . The FLM Police have now been passed the case to investigate. 

Ashbdjjd Millic at the time was under contract with Bolton. The two managers secured a deal without the players knowledge and Riverman had been in contact with a third party club not known to us to sell the player on for a healthy profit. 

A spokesman for FLM had this to say. 

"We do our upmost to see that our players are treated fairly at all times, this is a serious allegation and will be investigated thoroughly. The maximum fine under our current guidelines is 25 Million Poundings and a twelve point deduction. "

We caught up with the player today but Riverman refused to comment. 

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