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Monday, 22 May 2017 16:31

PS4 Division 1 Predictions

Written by DOM

As the start of the season draws ever closer today, we take a look at how Division 1 of the PS4 side shapes up and asses each managers chances for the games ahead. A lot of new faces to the league this time round with Starke, Geasers, Tazarr and PalsFocus joining us after being relegated form the Elite division that is the Premiership. Also joining us after gaining promotion from Division 2 are Houdini, Steve Marks, seasoned campaigner RFC Buncey and surprise package Lukewarm.

So let’s take a look at our managers and see how I think they will fair this term…

Bluenose Dave – THE Rangers

Unfortunate to miss out on promotion to the premiership Dave will be looking to brush off any disappointment and start again. In what could be described as his most successful season in season 12 Bluenose Dave managed to go one step further than he had done previously in reaching the Division 1 playoffs. Although heartache ensued as Dave missed out on the chance to reach the final at the expense of overall winner Fungusking.

Danger Man: Creative midfielder Stefan Johansen pulling the strings in midfield.

Prediction: Automatic Promotion. Certainly one to look out for again this season. Dave plays a lot of ultimate team, this has proved to be a big boost in success across the divisions and it’s because of this fifa 17 experience that I would think Dave has what it takes again to make a push for the top flight, this time however realising his dream and making it. 

RFC Buncey – Real Sociedad

Sneaking back in at the first attempt via the final automatic spot in division 2(I think) last season, RFC Buncey will be hoping to make a better name for himself than he did last time in division 1. On his day Buncey can produce the goods against the best in the division however when it goes wrong it goes really wrong and at times Buncey can find himself stuck in depressive rut with strings of defeats. 

Danger man: J.Blaczczykowski, a very real attacking threat able to play anywhere across the attacking midfield Buncey will be relying on the Polish maestro to produce the goods and create plenty of chances for his forwards.

Prediction: Relegation

Dom86GTFC – West Ham

A poor season for me last time out, the first season since I joined where I wasn’t involved in playoffs, a relegation scrap or a title win. Poor defensively I struggled to get any consistency going at any point during the 38 games which ultimately ended up being my downfall. With goals not an issue if i am to have any hope in challenging for honours this time round I must keep it tighter at the back.

Danger man: B. Gomis, a fairly new addition In terms of the rest of the squad and struggled initially to find his feet, however as the season drew to a close Gomis soon found his range and started to creep up the goal scorer charts. 

Prediction: Because I still can’t defend for toffee – Midtable gayery

Geasers – Swansea City

Bouncing straight back up after his first relegation from the prem back in season 10, Geasers finds himself straight back down into division 1. A fairly straight forward season 11 saw him return to the top flight however with a reset since and Geasers squad still fairly fresh could his most recent relegation be something of a sign that he is struggling to find balance within his team. Slowly starting to build he has made some nice additions to his squad with the likes of  Jordan Pickford, Eric Dier and Stefan El Shaarawy as he once again looks to bounce straight back up. In what looks like quite a competitive division.

Danger man: Stefan El Shaarawy. The fast paced winger can play in any attacking position. His pace and dribbling will cause problems to anyone’s defence in the division.

Prediction: Automatic Promotion. Despite any doubts I do still think the Irishman will have what it takes to once again return to the Premiership.

Houdini – Wurzburger Kickers

Having struggled each time to understand how post a squad update in the forums it could have been mistaken that Houdini wouldn’t have a clue how to use a keyboard never mind his fifa team. However we would be wrong to think that. Houdini is another player who likes his ultimate team. Spending hours on hours playing in the weekend league proved beneficial on the pitch in the FLM league. Entering division one as reigning division 2 champion, Houdini brings along a confidence within him that makes him believe that his stay in the division will only be a short one as he looks to emulate Fungusking and a second promotion. 

Danger man: G. Torje looking through Houdinis thinly lined squad I’ve picked Torje out as his danger man. With some nice stats I think Houdini will need to rely on this man if he is to achieve his dream.

Prediction: Promotion(Playoff Winner) Dare to Dream.

Lukewarm – Burton Albion

A little like the real life Burton Albion Lukewarm finds himself in division 1 and even though it may come as a surprise for some it doesn’t for me. Coming in as last season division 2 playoff winner where, thanks to a Shane Long hat-trick, he managed to defy the odds and defeat former Prem player Rabruce 3-1 to gain promotion. All this after finishing in the last playoff place. Impressive stuff. To me this shows heart, determination and most of all PASHUN. Can he defy the odds again and maintain his place in the division?

Danger man: Shane Long. Who else could it be really? Luke seems to have found his Movsisyan replacement in the speedy Irishman. His pace and finishing will be a handful for anyone this season and with Luke not looking to move him could we be looking at a potential golden boot winner??

Prediction: Avoid relegation. Everybody loves a success story and I think Luke’s adventure in division could prove to be it this season. Gwan Luke LAIK!

Mztikal Ace – U.N.A.M

After avoiding relegation last time round Ace will be looking to push on this term. Ace can be forgiven for his poor performance in season 12 due to it being his first season on FLM. A fairly quiet man on the forums, transfer market and online it’s hard to tell where Ace sits among the division managers. If he is to have any success this season I believe Ace will need to strengthen considerably failure to do so could see him once again dragged into a battle to avoid relegation to the basement division.

Danger man: I. Kweuke speaking having faced this fella twice last season he seemed to be by fair aces trump card. He will be relying on him again to get the goals necessary to do any damage to his opponents.

Prediction - Relegation. FLM is a tough place to ply your fifa trade and I think due to lack of strengthening Ace will struggle to keep him afloat this time round.

PalsFocus – Cagliari

A torrid first season in the top flight last time out for Pals. After gaining an impressive promotion back in season 11 Pals finds himself back among the division 1 faithful. A player who quietly goes about his business in the transfer market targeting different themed teams Pals usually has a good squad to set up for any season. On his day a very tough opponent however has seemed to struggle a little since the arrival of fifa 17 and the reset. However things aren’t quite going to plan since the opening of the transfer window, already turning his back on a potential Dutch theme will Pals be left flapping as to what he wants with his team this time round?

Danger man: Marco Sau. Quick, agile, finisher, dribbler. The ultimate pace whore, can drift past defender with ease and pop in goals for fun. Definitely a player Pals will look up to produce the goods if he decides to keep the little Italian.

Prediction: Mid Table Gayery. Although a very tough competitor I think it maybe results against the top players of the division last will let Pals down this season as he adjusts to life back in division 1.

PPJT – FC Porto

A solid player, who at one point last season looked likely for a playoff spot which would have capped off his best season since joining FLM.  Consistency playing a major factor in his success PP discretely went about gathering points to aid his campaign, add that to a well balanced team featuring plenty of talent young and experienced players PPJT is king of keeping things ticking along nicely.

Danger man: R. Soriano. Top midfielder who would fit well in any team. Has everything a classy midfielder needs to make an impact on a game.

Prediction:  Midtable Gayery. As I said above PPJT is a king in consistency and it’s because of this I think there’s only one place he will finish this season.  

Robbie M – Liverpool

A very successful season for Robbie last time out.  Missing out on a second consecutive promotion to an 85thminute Kylian Mbappe winner against fungusking in the Division 1 playoff final. A team blessed with oodles of pace Robbie will be looking to do the same again this time round as he tries to emulate his best league finish in years. Playing as his favourite team in Liverpool, having a game against Robbie is always an enjoyable task win, lose or draw.

Danger man: Kieran Agard. Not the highest player in rating but after playing Robbie twice last season he was certainly a handful. Robbie knows how to get the best out this player which is why I think it makes him so dangerous.

Prediction: Mid table Gayery. Always hard to predict where a player who likes to go for it will finish up. It’s because of this I’ve gone for the safe option and decided on a mid-table finish for the Liverpool fan.

StarkEFC – Dortmund

Starke will be seething that he’s in back in division 1 after failing to meet the premiership grade in season 12. His first season since the reset and not much done in terms of transfers compared to previous seasons, Starke struggled on his way to relegation. Now with a fresh start ahead and a pre -season window to make any necessary changes to his squad Starke will be looking to bounce straight back up again and add silverware to that XBOX Division 2 title that gathers dust in his trophy cabinet. Out for revenge after Noncutbackgate a few seasons back in a league game v myself will Starke be able to hold it together enough to beat me and march his way on up the table?

Danger man: M. Dembele, a young striker having a fantastic season at his real life club, attracting interest from around Europe. A player that will only increase in stature as the season goes on and one I think starke has bought for just that. 

Prediction: Playoffs. Due to a downfall in friendly activity and an increase in his Battlefield play I think Starke may struggle to make to automatic spots this time round.

SteveMarks – PSV Eindhoven

There’s not too much I know about Steve. Mainly down to the fact I haven’t had chance to play him much and he was in division 2 last season. From what I have played against the guy I haven’t been able to beat him as yet so I can only give him credit. An automatic promotion from division 2 last season and a manager that not too many will have faced before Steve could be a dangerous outfit in the division. One that could surprise a few.

Danger man: Klass yan Huntelaar. A household name among many. A brilliant target man and a danger to any set piece play.

Prediction: Relegation. Purely because I think Luke has the success story this season which meant I had to leave him out the relegation spots.

Tazarr – Colon

A surprise relegation for Taz in my opinion. Had become an accomplished premiership player and had gained praise from many of the top players. A bit of a mystery as to how his relegation came about. Lack of game time? A struggle to get to grips with the game? Or a culmination of both? Only Taz knows what happened. Despite the disappointment of last season Taz has begun this season looking to spend spend spend and with a large wedge of cash and some luxury players available Taz can only be looking to do one thing and that’s return to where he belongs.

Danger man: Fabien Bartels. Purely because I’ve tried to buy him after playing an event in which he was in my side. Brilliant player on the game and in the right hands very dangerous.

Prediction: Champion. If Taz starts well I struggle to see who could really catch him. My tip for the Title.

Toniififa – Barnet

After going missing for best part of half a season Toni came back with a bang. With a host of games in hand Toni surged up the table and managed to finish in the playoff spots. Losing out at the semi-final stage against Robbie M. A controversial manager around the forum and one who used to dabble a lot in the market Toni has recently taken a back seat approach to transfers and is content with his team. Another manager who can be brilliant one game but average the next, it’s hard to know which Toni will turn until you play him.

Danger man: J.Biabiany. One of the quickest around but that’s not all he has in his locker. A versatile man Biabiany can also dribble and get a cross in when needed. Providing plenty of assists for his strikers.

Prediction: Mid table gayery. I think due to his inconsistencies in Toni that last season could have been down to luck maybe? Only time will tell though but for now I can’t see anywhere else he will finish. Just missing out on the playoffs. 

There we have it my prediction for the season ahead. Thanks for reading. Please not that not all information is factually correct.

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