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Sunday, 28 May 2017 18:46

Insights: Lukewarm vs PPJT Pt1

Written by Dom

If there's any fixture that requires attention from week one then it's Lukewarms inaugural game in PS4 Division 1. Many will have heard of Luke's triumphant success last season as he dominated the PS4 Division 2, steam rolling all that stood in his way. A momentous occasion as Luke's Burton Albion side will take to the field as a division 1 team for the first time in their history. So as Luke looks to get off to the perfect start who stands in his way of achieving maximum first game points? PPJT. Another former manager of division 2 PPJT came close to reaching the division 1 playoffs last season. A manager who will always give you a challenge PP will also be looking to get off to a good start if he is to surpass last seasons finish and go one better in reaching those all important playoff places.

Hey guys so fixture 1 this season pits you against one another. Looking ahead to the game how do you see it panning out?

Lukewarm: The last time I played PP (both competitively in league and in friendlies, i think) was in that Div 2 play off semi final a couple of season ago when PP played some disgusting fifa against me to get himself to the final, And then went onto win the play offs. pookeynoodle. So due to the fact we haven't played each other in ages, I'm not to sure how it will pan out, one thing im sure of is Shane Long will terrorise his defence.

PPJT: I feel like this is a game I should win, with the difference in strength between our squads, and me just missing the playoffs last season with Luke coming up from div 2.  Though Luke is capable of beating anyone on his day, and he has a bats**t op striker, some would call the new Movsisyan. 

Do you intend to make anymore changes to your squad before kick off?

Lukewarm: Changes? Lol, you know I'm probably one of the most inactive people in the market right? Saying that I have just signed some guy called Jean, a RM/ST. So he will most likely get some game time. Other than that it's pretty much same as last season, no point changing what isn't broken 

PPJT: Probably not, there's likely to be 6-7 debutants already! 

You will have known each other from playing back in division 2, do you think you have improved since then?

Lukewarm: I don't think so, I still make the same stupid defensive errors, which is the main thing that brings down my game. Just got to make sure I score more than him, And with Long up top, it's possible!

PPJT: Eh, not really. I play fifa a lot less than back then. Perhaps this fifa suits me a little better though. 

How do you plan to set up for the game? 

Lukewarm: 9ATB and Long up top

PPJT: Not sure yet, either 3421 or 4321, same players and system for either tbh. 

Is there anything about your opponent or his squads that has you worried?

Lukewarm: I have no idea who his players are bar a couple, so no worries with the squad really, will take it as the game comes. And PP himself.... Nah. I remember PP, I remember 

PPJT: Shane Long. That is all. 

Who(within your squad) will be the standout player on the day?

Lukewarm: Has to be the one and only Shane Long. The one man army that carried me to playoff glory. But also my winger Potuk is a very handy tool to have.

PPJT: Not really sure, I've not even tried about 7 of my players! I suspect that Carcela-Gonzalez will have a good time against an ageing Yuri Zhirkov. 

Score Prediction: 

Lukewarm: 3-2 to the brewers. 

PPJT: 3-1 to me. 

Additional comments...

Lukewarm: Lets be having youuuuuu!!!

PPJT: Good to see Luke in div 1, top lad. 

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