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Tuesday, 30 May 2017 21:27

PS4 Premiership Preview

Written by DJPL

Season 13 will be the last one of the current game and if last season is anything to go by we could be set for another surprising season. The deadwood is now hopefully be disposed off which now leaves FLM's finest players battling it out. Below is how i see the season unfolding, although if the previous season is anything to go by, i wouldn't be taking these tips down the bookies..


Another quiet season from the former Xbox player. Consistently keeps himself around the middle of the table hardly threatening the top 4 or 5 and doesn't really flirt with the relegation places. The talent is there though and with a few nice additions during the season we may see him dabble in the top few places.

Prediction - Mid-table

Chris Kenny

The player everybody loves to hate. Many tooted him for relegation but despite the critics he has managed to establish himself as a Premiership regular. Possessing an alright team in fairness you would probably look a strengthening the middle of the park.

Prediction - Mid Table 


Division One Champion. Many did not see this coming but you can not take away what the Aston Villa boss has achieved. Will do well to stay in the division though as the jump in class is evident. With Immobile leading the front line though they have every chance of staying up although if they do not bring in some replacements at the back i feel it will be a case of trying to outscore his opponent.

Prediction - Relegated 


Somehow this manager went from Division One Champion to Premiership Champion within 2 seasons, how, nobody knows. However this season we are likely to see a return of the big teams and everyone will be on their game. However if the Chelsea Manager an get his team to go another season without being to inconsistent then there is a good chance they may challenge again.

Prediction - 5th


The Napoli boss makes yet another return to the big time. The man from Slough will be hoping his previous experience will serve him well in not dropping straight back down again. Not the strongest of teams on paper so some investment might need to be done. However it all comes down to him keeping his head when the going gets tough, which ultimately is his downfall.

Prediction - Relegated 


The pass master from Division One finally gets a shot with the big boys. His patience passing play proved to much for the lower tiers which lead to Sampdoria gaining promotion via the play-offs. With a total of 10 defenders on their books its clear for everyone to see that this manager sees that the only way to beat the drop is by parking the bus and catching teams on the break which goes against his usual style of play.

Prediction - Relegated


Not quite sure what happened with Gaz last season, the season kinda passed him by as he lingered around the mid table. Did not really get into a dog fight or trouble someone at the top. Unless a class striker is brought in then i can see another consolidating season for Terana boss.

Prediction - Mid table


This guy has the minerals to challenge at the top but for some reason can not find any sort of consistency to do so. Maybe a change in formation might be key or one or two new signings. Looks particularly light in the middle of the park which might hold the key to a successful season.

Prediction - Mid Table


A cup double last season, even if one of them was slightly controversial. If last season has perhaps been a few games longer then i believe this lad would have done the historic
treble. Has slags all over the park and can must be certain to regain the title once again.

Prediction - Champion


Now been dubbed SlipperyT after his incredible Liverpool like slip last season. Many fans were questioning the changes mid season which seemed to lead to this mans downfall. Mistakes must surely have been addressed although i think he might not be able to repeat last seasons feat.

Prediction - 2nd

Rising Star 

Mustard, Mustard, Mustard. All we know about this manager who seems to talk to the talk at the beginning off every season but fails to deliver. A disappointing finish only adds weight to claims that this managers best days are behind him. Does he have the minerals? Early predictions suggest that it will be a case of same old Star...

Prediction - Mid Table


Finally managed to find his way to the top tier after falling from grace. The Scottsman will be looking to cause a few upsets along his way back down again though. On his day can surprise most but fans fear that after a couple seasons away his team might not be up to the slaggy pace of the prem.

Prediction - Relegated

Steve Viper 

Somewhat surprised how the former PS4 Prem champ performed last season. Has all the ability to challenge at the top but seems to be somewhat disillusioned with the game. Key Man Negredo hit some form during the end of last season and will be hoping to pick up where he left off.  

Prediction - 3rd


Arguably the most angry of the bunch, in the Prem anyway. Tommo has the capability to win the league but for some reason always falls short. Was touted to be his season
last time around but fell short. Will most certainly be there or there abouts again, providing he can keep his temper in check.

Prediction - 4th

So there we have this seasons preview. Will take a look back after the opening fixtures have been completed and see how this season is shaping up. Have gone out on a limb here by suggesting that all those that gained promotion are going to go straight back down. I believe if this was to happen it would be the first in FLM history? One for the statisticians to get back to us on.

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