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Thursday, 01 June 2017 18:33

Insights: Lukewarm vs PPJT Pt2

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After a solid and somewhat unlucky 0-0 home draw against Dom86GTFCs West Ham, Lukewarm would have been going into this game with some confidence. A first point already on the board and a PPJT side with numerous new faces a whiff of optimism filled the air at the Pirelli Stadium. However, that early season optimism was to be short lived as the away side put in a fine display to win the game 3-0 and come away with not only the three points but a clean sheet as well. We grabbed the highlights from the game and caught up with the managers after the game to get their views of how things unfolded.

Congratulations on your victory PPJT, it must have felt good to come away with all three points after such a commanding performance. Did you expect to dominate as much as you did?

PPJT: Not at all, I think I managed to shake off the beginning of season rust off a little quicker than Luke here, and perhaps my formation worked well to neutralise his danger man, Shane Long. 

A debut goal for De Jong and man of the match performance from Carcela-Gonzalez today, no doubt you'll be pleased with that. How is De Jong settling into life at Porto and what did you make of their performances today?

PPJT: De Jong was exactly what I wanted when I signed him - a strong focal point upon front with the technical ability to pass the ball to the wide forwards, who is also skilled enough to turn his man and drive at goal. The bullet header he scored was just a nice bonus! 

Carcela-Gonzalez was also excellent, fitting into holes in the Burton midfield and always looking dangerous due to debutant Santon's mazy, vintage Alan Hutton-esque runs giving him plenty of space.  Took his goal well after making a darting run into the box and being found by de Jong. 

After such a positive display it would be hard to think that there are any needs for improvement in your side at this current moment in time. However after playing that game do you feel that there could be any room for improvement within your squad?

PPJT: I think that there's always scope to improve, I would say that perhaps having a more defensive central midfielder for tough games would be great. Other than that, perhaps a striker, though de Jong looks like he is going to be great. 

And Finally PPJT. I know it's early on in the season but how do you rate your chances of success over the next few months in what could be such a competitive division?

PPJT: Who knows, a lot of talent in the league this season!   I'll always back myself though, and if I don't completely lose interest in fifa half way through the season like usual then I reckon automatic promotion. Most likely I will lose interest, and if so I reckon I'll do one better and get into the playoffs. 

Moving over to Luke now...

Commiserations Luke, not quite the result you'd have been looking for today. Are there any positives you can take from the defeat?

Lukewarm: Not really lol. 1 well worked goal and 2 undefendable goals, ouch. and could have been more. Think my players were still on holiday

It's public knowledge that you are actively trying to strengthen in the transfer market. Are there any positions that as a result of this defeat you're more likely to try and target? If so do you have any specific targets in mind that you'd like to share with us today?

Lukewarm: Yeah, specifically I'm gonna be needing another good striker to partner up to with Long I reckon. The poor lad can't do it all by himself in this division unfortunately. No specific target in mind, but a striker that would compliment Long is a must.

After a positive first result against West Ham this must have dented your confidence a little. Looking back at the game is there anything you wish you'd have done differently?

Lukewarm: The result against West Ham was definitely a good one to kick the season off... if we were to get a goal against the hammers I think the 2 games that followed would have been a different story! Yea I've got to stop being so bloody predictable 

And finally Luke, moving forward how do you plan on preventing the same happening again? Are there any tactical tweaks or changes you plan on making ahead of your next fixture?

Lukewarm: I played a few friendlies with Houdini last night and were discussing formations, player positions etc... it's been a while since I've had a friendly and actually changed stuff about with the team. It definitely broadened my horizons a bit. I think a formation change is a must. So gonna go with that, hopefully get a fresh face or 2 in, and see if that changes anything. If not then it's all out attack for the rest of the season

That brings an end to our post match interview proceedings for this weeks insight. Hope you've all enjoyed reading as wee look forward to next weeks edition.

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