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Saturday, 03 June 2017 20:49

Kings of the Weekend?

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Friday the 2nd of June will go down in FLM history books. This is the day the Xbox and PS4 consoles crowned two members as Kings, those members are Ninjabean87 and SteveViper. Both members took on the gruelling challenge of having to qualify from a group stage, before heading to a knockout stage where they would have to win another two games to be crowned the first ever Kings of the Hill.

We managed to sneak past the royal security and grab a few words with both Kings, here is what they had to say, starting with PS4 king, SteveViper:

The PS4 KOTH seen a pretty poor turnout, only 9 people fancied their chances of wearing the crown first. Do you think this worked in your favour due to not having to play against some of the better opponents in the league?

Not really, because it was only Rickyt and Danny that didn't turn up that finished in the top 5 last season and there shit tbh, so was a pretty tough run of games to win it anyway.

You went unbeaten in the group stages, scoring 12 and conceding 4 in the process. Were you confident of going through given the quality in your group?

Yes but I always fancy myself no matter who I play but the hardest game I played was against beyond the game. Where I won it 4-3 in the last min.

Tommo seemed to dropout not long after you played him and beat him. Coincidence? Or Genuine?

Think he bottled it tbh when the pressure comes so does the rage lol.

Making your way into the semi's you came up against a tough opponent and one of the favourites for the crown, Tazarr. You beat him 1-0, at thus point were you confident the crown was yours? Or were you aware of who was awaiting you in the final?

The game against Tazarr was terrible and took a scrappy goal to win it but I was aware Mr masta was waiting but new I'd beat him because he's another bottle job.

Masta cruised into the final conceding 1 goal along the way, you must of knew it would take something special to win it at this point?

Not really he's bang average I had to get a man sent of just to even thing out because he was flapping bad so the crown was always going to be mine.

How have you celebrated the first 24 hours of being king?

Few hours watching babestation and I've slept since lol.

Your first challenger for the crown has come from Tommo The Dropout, do you feel it is fair for him to have first go considering he bottled it after 1 game in the tournament?

Yes, he's more than welcome to be the first to lose under the new king.

How long do you think you can hold onto the crown for (games wise)?

I will lose to Tommo.

We'll move on to the Xbox King, Ninjabean now:

The road to the crown wasn't the easiest for you. You came up against 2 of the Xbox Prem's toughest managers. Did you think you could pull off such a feat?

I knew the challenge was always going to be tough, players like Revs, Joe, Sofa are not easy to beat and when you throw in potential banana skins from the lower divisions, you know it isnt going to be plain sailing.

Your group only had 3 people in, did this work in your favour?

It certainly did, being able to sit back and listen to Revs slip up in the first game against newly promoted Jakey Fantastic was music to my ears. I knew my toughest opponent had lost his head, the silence in the party chat after the game said it all. All i had to do was beat Jakey and just play out for at least a draw against Revs and i was through. Also, playing one less game meant I could watch for the results coming in from other groups, all I wanted to do was dodge Sofarukus, the park the bus wanker.

Word on the street is that you scored an absolute beauty of a goal past Revs to seal the victory?

It certainly was a great finish by Sahan. It wasn't THE goal that sealed the victory, but it put me 3-1 up and took the pressure off.

You came up against Joe in the semi-finals, a manager who smashed you 4-2 in the league a few days earlier. How were you feeling approaching this game?

I knew it would be tough, he has a dangerous attack, Origi and Austin, if you keep them quiet you know you can do some damage. I managed to score 2 goals in the first half, one of them being a scorpion kick! And held off Joe for the remainder of the game.

In the final you played RFC Buncey, a regular on the PS4 side. Did you know much about him going into the game?

It's been years since i've played Buncey, all i can remember from that time was that he was and still is rubbish. He done all he can to win this game though, last man hacking, the lag switch when I went 1-0 up. Terrible behaviour, but I expected nothing less from a PS4 gayer.

How has the first 24 hours of being King been?

I must say it's been great! I got a few funny looks on the way to work this morming wearing a crown. I had to take it off for work though due to uniform policy, but I put it straight back on as soon as I finished.

You have a peopel lining up already wanting that crown. Do you think that you'll be able to hold onto it for a while?

I certainly hope I can. If I can make it to 5 games, i'll be happy.

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