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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 11:38

Insights: Hammer vs Stench Pt1

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This round is not only a battle of Division 2's finest, but also see's two of FLM's finest admins go head to head. Stench's Juventus team take on the mighty Grimbsy Town who are managed by Hammer.

Let's see what both managers had to say about the game.

Looking ahead to the game how do you see it panning out?

Hammer: Always a tight game vs Stench. However I've been way to busy with real life lately and have hardly touched FIFA, so can see Stench winning this one
Stench: My career against Hammer has been up and down. Based on that it can go either way. Based on my recent form not only this season but ending last season, it might be an easy skate for him. 


How do you feel your season is going?

Hammer: Not great. Had hardly any time to get on, so only 2 games played. 1 win and 1 loss so far, standard mid table fare for me.
Stench: Season looked promising after the first victory but followed it up with draws and L's, so hard to say. My team is extremely young, so we are still learning. We don't shoot for the stars as far as milestones go, but we want to compete. I feel like NEXT season we will definitely make a nice run. 

How do you plan to set up for the game? 

Hammer: Try and get some games in prior so I'm not so rusty! Will play my standard 4-3-3 and try and hit on the counter.
Stench: Our plans for this game are like any other. Go out there and do what we can to bring home 3 points. We seem to always stray away from what works and I think consistency is our flaw. 


Is there anything about your opponent or his squad that has you worried?

Hammer: Nothing in particular, other than he's likely to be sharper than me.
Stench: We really don't have a worry about a specific team or a specific player when it comes to our opponents. With the players that we have on our squad, it's a growing process and every game is an uphill battle in itself. 


Who will be your keys player/s on the day?

Hammer: Tadic, Dirar and Ramos as my front 3 will be key, assuming I can get the ball up to them!
Stench: Our key players for the fixture are Ambrose and Havertz. Ambrose needs to show that he's the striker of our future. His season has looked solid so far so we'll see. We need Havertz to step up. We paid a lot for the promising youngster to leave Germany for a reason and we have yet to see that. 

Score Prediction: 

Hammer: Hammer 1-3 Stench
Stench: 1-1 draw 

Thanks to Stench and Hammer for taking the time to answer the questions and we look forward to a post-match recap and highlights.

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