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Wednesday, 14 June 2017 12:12

Insights: Grumbo vs Berty Pt1

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OAP fixture One. Probably the highest total age between two managers FLM has ever seen, 105 years!!! Let’s get them to don their Bifocals, sit in their favourite chair, light up a pipe and answer some questions.

Looking ahead to the game how do you see it panning out?

Berty: Its the battle for the Arthritic Cup between two guys who are so old and so slow on the controls. Don't be expecting to see any skill moves! I've played a few friendlies with Grumbo this week and after I battered him in the first game he got wise and the rest of the games were very tight being either draws or one goal wins. I think it will be a tight game with only the one goal.

Grumbo: Obviously we have a ringer in Division 2 this season in Berty, it will be classed as the Veterans Cup Final because we are two old gits. With Berty being unbeaten it will be a tough game for me but i may just spring a surprise.


How do you feel your season is going?

Berty: I am absolutely amazed at how well I have done since my return to the leagues. My main aim was to beat Nuuthatch and after that maybe make a run at the playoffs. I think I have improved since my last stint in the leagues 5 years ago. Playing loads of Ultimate Team sharpens your game as those guys give you no time on the ball. Absolutely thrilled to be top of the league but I think guys are getting used to my style of play now and my results are not as impressive, in fact I was lucky to draw in the Cup game against Mowgles the other night that says it all really!

Grumbo: f**king rubbish, creating loads of chances but can't score.


How do you plan to set up for the game? 

Berty: I think I inherited a good squad and one that suits my style so I've only had to make a couple of transfers in to fine tune. I always play a 433 but never bother with the Attacking / Ultra Defensive setting, just play away. Even when I'm winning and should play defensively I always forget to change the settings.

Grumbo: I will have a shower, put on my lucky tee shirt, settle myself on the sofa and abuse Berty like f**k. 


Is there anything about your opponent or his squad that has you worried?

Berty: Grumbo has a good midfield but I really worried about Milik, he is dangerous, and he has caused me problems in our friendlies.  I need to keep him in check if I want to win as I don't see many goals in the game.

Grumbo: Well he's Irish, so that's always a concern. Berty doesn't frighten me.

Who will be your keys player/s on the day?

Berty: Prodl has been good for me and I'm hoping he will keep tabs on Milik. At the other end of the pitch Acuna has been amazing for me, my top scorer from the LW he is the king on the rebound goal and I'm hoping he will deliver again.

Grumbo: All of them, it will be all hands to the pump. Milik will be key in this game should he get a chance.


Will either of you need to take a half time nap?

Berty: We might try and play the game earlier in the evening so we should be good to last through the full 15 minutes.  That being said we usually need to take the full halftime break to let our fingers rest otherwise they begin to cramp up.

Grumbo: Ha ha, probably both of us.


Score Prediction: 

Berty: 1-0 to the NOBS 
Grumbo: 1-0 To Berty

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