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Friday, 30 June 2017 07:47

GOTR: Season 13 Round 1

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Season 13 as officialy began and with that comes the first GOTR of the season. As usual we had some great entries in this round but there can only be one winner and that winning goal was fantastic...

We caught up with Jakey Fantastic to get his views on the goal, here's what he had to say:

It's a brand new season and with that comes the added pressure for yourself to perform now your are in Division 1. How does it feel to have grabbed the seasons first GOTR win?

It's a proud moment for us all at Medellin if i'm honest Ninja. A few eyebrows were raised at the signing of Pirlo, or more so the fee for the man. So to see the legend roll back the years in the opening week was incredibly satisfying. 

We all know Pirlo and what he is capable of, but seeing him smash a volley from inside the opponents penalty box is not something he is known for but he done it here. What were your thoughts on the goal?

I thought it was Paloschi that scored it initially! When my assistant Dirty Raver Dan pointed out it was in fact Pirlo, well, all credit to the man for getting himself up there quicker than a Stannah Stairlift! Beautiful technique from him, it really was. 

Did you think you had the winning goal when the 5 finalists were announced? Was there a goal you thought was better than Pirlo's?

Yes and No. I did think Andrea's goal was a little down the pecking order initially, but having then seen that Three of the Five Managers involved had embarrassingly voted for themselves, they became void for me. I wouldn't have begrudged Nuuthatch winning for both that reason and the glorious technique displayed by McCleary. But overall it felt like a victory for Football, for Honesty and above all, common decency. 

Seeing some of the comments on the forum regarding the goal must make you feel good:

"No brainer. I had to go for my boy" - Lukewarm

"Gonna go with Jakey as Pirlo should not be in that box" - Tommo

"Emphatic" - Tazarr

"You can almost feel what it would feel like in real life to make a connection like that" - Nantgwyn

"Great volley from Jakey...they normally fly over the bar" - Red Rhino

Do you have anything to say to those people?

Well, such was the landslide victory, that had the above not voted, Andrea would still be collecting his award and i'd still be doing this interview. Whilst we here at Medellin are not averse to a plaudit or two, we'll save accepting it for an extra special celebration at the end of the season.

It seemed like Lukewarm was trying to steal some of your glory by announcing that his 'bumping' of the thread got you more votes. Do you think that is correct or have you won purely on merit?

Anything Lukewarm endorsed is always going to have a positive impact, although i believe over the course of the voting, the higher level of classiness displayed by both myself and my supporters is what ultimately ensured the victory. 

You will be rewarded with some FLM cash for winning, how do you plan on using this money?

Andrea was telling me just the other day that he's never had Chips & Gravy, Chips & Gravy! Can you imagine that? These foreigners eh! So i'll be treating him to a portion down at our local chippy whilst enquiring about the availability of Harrison Reed. 

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