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Wednesday, 12 July 2017 08:57

Wage Day Cometh

Written by Mowgles

On the 26th July its Wage Day again on FLM. As you all know the wages structure has changed with the introduction of premium players as opposed to the multipliers. With so many auctions coming thick and fast recently, means a whole load of new players in the market as well as their premium prices to take into account. Take a look on settings tab on the spreadsheet to see how this will affect you. I recently won Quintero in an auction and in doing so, will get that lovely 20% to my wages!

Looking at the season overview now there are some great differences in wages between teams. The highest wage bill is Doob with 23 million and the lowest is StarkEFC with 2 million! 2 MILLION. HOW?!

There was a topic posted recently by Tommo-UK which sparked a discussion and in turn, surprise surprise resulted in several new transfer threads going up. We always see a stalemate of sorts in the market. Either when there is not enough money floating about or when there is too much! This doesn’t stop most people as they can adapt and carry out their dealings with swaps as well as cash deals.

However, some other people prefer dealing in cash. After that thread went up the market again sparked into life, with several deals being posted and more activity. The truth is though, the market was fine the way it was. People still do not want to sell purely for cash unless a replacement can be sourced and other people don’t want to give up their star assets.

Enter auctions. Fresh players for us all!
So many auctions, some planned, others a total surprise! Bargains were had as well as big money signings. However, this has also made star assets become available.

The beauty of FLM. The chase and thrill of the transfer market.

As wage day approaches though, people are forced to sell and buy to afford their wages or make changes to their team before the window slams shut.

A challenge for and a challenge for the coracle
Alas Davotek has thrown Two challenges to the league! THE DECIDE AUCTIONS CHALLENGE – which answers most of the league member’s wet dreams to pick their next potential target, well before going head to head with other managers to win that auction and get the players THEY WANT into the league and then THE WAGE CHALLENGE, which ties in nicely into the next part of this article.

Free Wages for Completion of Games – A high price to pay?
The second and probably the most important challenge for some is the Wage Challenge. Similar to the Decide Auctions Challenge, it requires the Entire League set up, that is all 6 divisions, to have played 85% of games played from Fixture Batch 1-4. This will result in no wages for everyone.

You’re probably thinking this is easy. Sometimes its not. On the forum we use Fixture Setup Logs to arrange games. If these are not updated, Grumbo comes to your house with a raging boner and skull f**ks you. Sometimes virtually though. Anyways, there are the usual culprits not updating them or slacking. Fines are one thing but hitting a whole league with the opportunity to have a free wage day will surely motivate most to get some outstanding games played.

There is another side to this though. There are some managers, that believe taking away wage day would mean the rich get richer and the people with lower wages stay the same. Can see that point of view myself. I have a wage bill of approximately 7m, which is nothing compared to some others with 23m wage bills! Yet that 23m or 7m coming out of the market will force other players to sell and balance out the market even more. Obviously both case scenario, the Bank wins.


What’s the outcome? You decide FLMers. It's all going to be tracked through the Percentage Tracker Thread. For both challenges this will go to the wire.

Who wins? You decide.


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