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Monday, 17 July 2017 09:43

Insights: Buncey vs Tazaar

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A much harder match up to choose due to how tight the PS4 Div 1 league is. That muppet RFC Buncey vs meet up attendee and all round legend of FLM & PEN, Tazaar. We get some input from them on their forthcoming duel. 

1: How do you rate your opponent?

B: About the same as everyone else in this division, maybe marginally better than most.
T: Decent player who I have yet to beat, I think should have won the 1st game this season I think but ended up losing.

2: What are your expectations for the game?

B: A very tight match, probably ending in a draw or one goal swing either way. Hopefully, it's more entertaining than that.
T: Probably a draw

3: How is your season going so far?

B: Surprisingly well, didn't think I would be top after the first 3 sets of fixtures. The luck will run out eventually so may as well enjoy it.
T: Better than expected but about to get worse as I've just lost my best player to AWOL

4: Who are your key players?

B: Kepa Arrizabalaga, my keeper, is easily the most important player, keeping me in games I would otherwise lose. Quagliarella provides the firepower at the other end of the pitch to good effect.
T: Bernard the speed dribbly mink and Tufan has looked good since I signed him but hasn't played yet.

5: Who is the best player you have got in for this season and is there one you wouldn’t want to let leave?

B: Carcela-Gonzalez is the best player I've brought in so far this season, offers me something different out wide. Everyone is available for the right price, but for reasons stated above Kepa would be hard to let go.
T: It was Arroyo but he went Awol so would have to say Tufan - very well rounded cm

6: Wow, the top 8 teams in Div One are all within 4 points of each other. It's literally anyone's (apart from ToniiFIFA's) Any insider knowledge to who will be champ?

B: The title should be Geaser's to lose, he is the best player in this division for me. Outside of that, I think everyone can beat everyone and it'll go down to who has the best run of luck in the season.
T: Seriously could be anyone, it's very even but I think PALSfocus may take it away.

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