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Monday, 24 July 2017 09:31

The Story So Far..

Written by Woody

It didn’t start well - 2 away draws plus a defeat at relegation favourites Bruk-bet. We were sitting in the bottom two after the first batch of fixtures with a measly two points to our name, what was going on?  We were tipped for glory. At Ewood Park we were going into a season with a fairly disappointing campaign behind us. We had a team with players at a fairly decent standard and capable of winning games. Now include myself a manager with two division one trophies to back myself up, we should be doing Okay.

However our start was so poor and I couldn’t figure it out, in the world of FLM if its isn't working then you have the opportunity to fix it through transfers.After purchasing our number one target in Daley Sinkgraven we had very little cash and then to my disbelief, our brand new CAM had a position swap to Left back. Well, that’s just great. So my team were getting humiliated and I couldn’t achieve anything worthwhile in the transfer market.

We did get a bit of luck and won an auction, one to watch in Leon Bailey but he alone was not enough to stop the rot. As we neared our fourth game we started to play reasonably well in friendlies and we were confident of breaking up the "make Jakey great again" march in the division. League contenders Independiente Medellin arrived at Ewood park and I thought we were ready for them. We started off well and pinned them back only to be beaten in the by old man Pazzini and ended up losing 3-0!.

Back to the drawing board, Ze luis out! Jojic out! I got stuck into the market. It was essential we improved our team if we were to do anything this season. With some fresh cash and a fresh new perspective, we managed to pull a team together from experienced older players and it didn’t break the bank. I managed to get in Charles for an attractive sum, he replaced the failing Ze luiz with great personal pleasure. It took a tweak of formation and two solid CB's to further our progress, one more signing at LM in Castro came through our doors and fit right in.

The only thing left was to get in an out and out CM, I had been a long time admirer of Godfred Donsah. He became available, this was my chance and with what was a fairly swift swap/transfer with youthful Correntin Jean. Welcome Godfred!

Now the "Magic" didn’t happen straight away, I did have to put some practice in with this team and along the way signed a bench player for £50m which was ridiculous but it all seemed to fall into place, momentarily.

A draw against 1st place GIIB was an awakening because we could have won that game but we let slip in the second half but we knew that if this was the title contender then we're ready to launch a title challenge

Next up was Chairfloor, now this is where it got interesting for me because I expected a much better opponent than I got. I ended up with a card happy referee sending off the opposition and a failing Chairfloor. 4-2 was the final result and it was my first win of the season. It was the next few games that were important to me, I wanted to know if it was a blip or if I had actually improved. A further 2 games from Kaiser chiefs and Espanyol saw another 4 points roll in, this was good and I was happy with the squad for the first time since way back at the reset.

Then came the biggest achievements so far this season, We pulled off 2 wins against Superceltic and division new boy Berty44. We pulled 6 points from these games and now the league knew Blackburn Rovers were back in business.

Trooper, Wasay, BlondeDan and Mackemjet all fell by the wayside, We had just managed 12 points from a batch of fixtures that included two in form teams. It was delightful and I took that good form into making Jakey pay for that horrendous defeat in the beginning of this season. In the end, we did end up 1-1 which is a decent result for the clubs since they have both had a mini clear out.

The new signings have clearly paid off, Charles at 32 years old is proving to be the bargain of the season. He is 2nd in the race for the golden boot and whilst he had scored so many in such a brief period it’s the stand alone goals that have meant so much to us. Finding the net to win by a margin or pull back a point they have rewarded the club that has put faith in his revival.

As it stands, Blackburn are 3rd with 2 games left to play of this batch, Berty has games in hand and will most likely go top of the league before the next batch is released.

The remainder of the season is set to be a close one, I would say to watch out for Jakey and possibly motothefo if he starts playing his games correctly.

I hope it’s a good finish to the season for myself obviously but at the very least I'm looking forward to enjoying the remainder of our games.

Let us Begin… :shifty:

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