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Monday, 24 July 2017 09:51

Xbox Divison 2 Mid Season Review

Written by Red Rhino

With 105 matches played out of  198 in season 13, it seems like a good time to have a look at the state of play and compare the current league table with the pre-season predictions. Since the preview was written we lost Jordan & Vondia making reducing the division to just 12 teams. Groans followed cheers as Division 2 members were informed that we would all play each other 3 times. Then after a tremendous start to the season by Berty, his results were expunged and he was replaced by Jordan. So, let’s have a look at where we are today and see if I have changed my predictions. I have put the teams in the order where I believe they will finish.

  1. Jordan - Original Prediction 1st - Played 19, Points 39

No reason to change my mind here, he has stormed into first place after a strong start to the season slipping up just 3 times, twice against a very lucky Rhinoceros. Zarate is Jordan’s main man with 23 of his 50 goals so far. Special mention for catching up his games almost seamlessly after starting weeks after the rest of us.


  1. Zoso - Original Prediction 3rd - Played 19, Points 36

Zoso has moved above Howson in my predictions after finding the consistency he was lacking last season. Finding the net hasn’t been a problem this season either scoring 4 against Diodex, Grumbo and Krudler. Ucan is his leading goalscorer with 10 from his first 19 games.

  1. Howson - Original Prediction 2nd - Played 15, Points 24

He has struggled to get online at times this season and generally plays his games in batches late at night. After switching from the PlayStation everyone was expecting a strong campaign and he hasn’t disappointed. His results have mostly been good but has thrown a couple of high scoring defeats in there with a 5-1 defeat against Nutty and 3-0 against Zoso. Vagner Love has been the star man scoring 11 goals including a couple of crackers against me.


  1. Tuggi - Original Prediction 10th - Played 16, Points 26

I am happy to report that I got this prediction badly wrong, relegated from Division 1 and not getting much game time I thought Tuggi would struggle, however, he is in the promotion hunt and I predict he will stay there, albeit just missing out on an automatic promotion place. Most of his games have been tight affairs with a 5-0 defeat of Grumbo the exception. Hurtado has top scored with 10 goals for the season.

  1. Red Rhino - Original Prediction  5th - Played 20, Points 35

I think Howson, Tuggi and myself are in for a right battle for that final automatic promotion place but I will put myself in a humble 5th. My form has taken off this season with the dynamic duo Vietto (16) and Saivet (9)  scoring 25 between them. Most of my wins have been by the odd goal but I particularly liked my 4-1 victories over Mowgles and Krudler. I hope I can keep it going and continue making Mow rage


  1. Nuuthatch - Original Prediction  11th - Played 17, Points 22

Nutty started off the season on fire making my pre-season prediction of 11th look very silly, then he went on holiday and went from 1st to 9th in just over a week. He has rallied since and is looking well placed for a play-off place. He will be looking for revenge after suffering heavy defeats against Jordan and Diodex during his difficult period.


  1. Tunners - Original Prediction  7th - Played 20, Points 23

Our favourite Hull resident is predicted to finish in the final play off place after an up and down season, he has chopped and changed his team so much trying to find the right formula with Afobe and Bakayoko recently departing. He was the only player to beat Berty so lost those points when the league was restructured but has found a bit of friendly form recently and is hopeful of a strong finish. He will need to find the net a bit more often however with only 16 goals from 20 games being the poorest return in the division.


  1. Krudler - Original Prediction  12th - Played 14, Points 17

Tommy is another player struggling to score goals with only 12 in 14 games but he has been pretty tight at the other end with only 2 of his defeats being heavy ones, 4-1 against Rhino and 4-0 against Zoso. Has a few games to catch up on and will be hoping to get a run together to escape the LOL zone.


  1. Grumbo - Original Prediction  9th - Played 17, Points 16

I predicted a difficult season and so it has proven for Grumbo but his games are never dull, there have been 55 goals in his 17 matches, unfortunately, too many of them have been for the opposition. I expect him to finish above Mowgles but I guess that is not saying much this season. Milik will need to add more goals to the 9 he has already scored to move further up the table.


  1. Mowgles - Original Prediction 8th - Played 20, Points 22

Well well well, Mowgles wasn’t happy with my original prediction of 8th but he has performed like a Lol Zoner this season proving me right. He has had his moments with big wins over Grumbo and Diodex but he has far too frequently found himself on the end of some hammerings, including a 4-1 reverse versus Rhino and 3-0 against Dio. Star striker Cordoba has 11 goals but has just been sold. Getting a new striker to work for him is crucial if he wants to regain credibility in this division.


  1. Diodex - Original Prediction 6th - Played 20, Points 19

It’s tough seeing Diodex struggle after a great pre-season and early season form was replaced by the all too familiar bad run of results. He is a little more chilled than usual so maybe needs to get that ruthless angry streak back. He made it through to the semi-final of the XBOX Cup but that is scant consolation for a bottom two finish.


  1. Sparktacus - Original Prediction 4th - Played 13, Points 11

Another player with plenty of games in hand but the trouble is that in the 13 games he has played he has only won 2 games (against Dio and Nutty)  Despite this he has only lost one game by more than 2 goals which was a 3-0 reverse v Tunners. He is really struggling to get game time on the Xbox and the lack of friendlies is showing in his league results. Star Striker Enner Valencia has 8 goals in those 13 games which isn’t a bad return but his all-round play needs to improve to move up the league.


This was written before the release of Batch 5 of fixtures.

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