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Thursday, 27 July 2017 13:58

A Fine Week

Written by Mowgles

It's Been a Fine Week (or two) Like buses, fines and admin auctions all roll up in one batch. In a season full of drama and surprises, things have just reached a whole new level in the FLM Leagues.

With murmurings of the market at a stand still and wages looming, the managers of FLM combined efforts to win the Wage challenge, meaning free wages for all. Money was being spent everywhere with the return of big money transfers and some managers even putting their prized players up for sale after being in the dungeon.One of the most surprising and hilarious events of the last few days have been the amount of fines handed out as well as other scenarios such as auction bid mistakes and forgetting to state ESF. Davo must’ve been rubbing his gold plate hands with glee.


Here are the fines that have been handed out so far


The Fines

CKenny - 5mil fine for posting in a processed deal thread, a big no no. Respect the threads gents.
Nuuty - 5mil fine for being under 18 players, this is what happens when you don't update your whole team 
Tunners - 5mil fine for pulling the plug on a deal within 24hours. 
Trooper - 3mil fine for posting in an auction thread without making a bid. In his own admin auction thread at that!

The Admin Auctions

Berty - He just got caught between deals and got bit on the arse. Never put through a deal until you have money on hand  
That cost him his main Stirker Bou. He won't do that again.
Trooper - Didn't account for ESF which tipped him into the red.
He lost Knoche
Riverman - Didn't read the T&C's for starters, then bid more than he had on the recent blind auctions.
Returnee Dell paid big for Ross Barkley


Our FLM Reporters DiodeX and Mowgles have reached out for comments from the offenders regarding the Admin Auctions.


Give us your take on the whole going into admin process, and how did you manage it?

I am an accountant so it came as no real surprise that I fell into Administration as I'm not really great with figures. So how did it happen?  I got a bit ahead of myself and in my eagerness to purchase Fabricio Fazio and I ended up paying for him without the poundings available and ended up being £2million in debt.  I'd not seen anyone fall into Administration since I joined the site so it was a whole new experience to see what was going to happen.  There were more concerns than normal because I have one of the heavier wage bills and the 60% I was going to net from auction might leave me tight to meet the upcoming wages demands.  I have had a great start to the season and was really worried who I would lose. Would it be CDM Willy V, the French rock in my midfield, CAM Belluschi the fulcrum of my attack or one of my wonderful Argentinian attackers ST Gustavo Bou or LW Acuna.

In the end, it was my striker Gustavo Bou who went on a bid of £30m to Taliz77.  It ended up costing me effectively a £12m penalty, a heavy price to pay. But then wage day was cancelled so not all bad.

What does it mean for my squad? Well, I've been off sunning myself in Spain for a week so not had a chance to play with my Bou-less squad as of yet.  My backup striker has been Egyptian Ahmed Hassan Mahgoub, so naturally, we all call him Koka. He had shown well in friendlies so I'm hoping my promotion aspirations are not derailed too much by the loss of Gustavo and Koka can do the business. I've been told that young people use these calculator thingies so I've bought one and working my way through the instruction manual so I'm confident I won't be in Admin again!



How does it feel to have finally lost your Administration cherry?

“It was an experience I don't wish to repeat even if the likes of Blonde Dan think it's a good way to go about building a team. I feel closer to trooper on the evolutionary scale which can never be a good thing”

How did you react to this madness?

“Having been in a party with Mowgles and trooper just after trooper had gone into admin for the 43rd time Mowgles asked if I had ever been there and I replied "no, I have half a brain" well 2 days later karma f**ked me firmly in the arse. My reaction was to simply call myself a dickhead for not having read and understood the rules and ending up losing one of my best players for a player I was just taking a flier on due to thinking I'd messed up the bid on the one I wanted.”

When you heard about no wages did this make you want to make the bids in all those auctions?

“No wages paid a part but everyone knows I'm a sucker for a pace whore hence I wanted Gray, when I thought I cocked that up I went for Burke as one for the future with great pace”

Who would you least like to leave as result of this admin?

“My two most valuable players IMO are Barkley and Iheanacho. Gray coming in would give me a direct replacement for Iheanacho, so Barkley is one I least wanted to lose. Barkley was chosen, unsurprisingly when the bids got that high, he will obviously be a big loss but I have a plan or two to replace him....


What is your plan going forward to recover from this?

"I'll recover just fine and improve things where If I feel the need to when I get present with a chance to. I'm always involved in the transfer market anyway and players may get locked away for a while but are never totally in the dungeon hence the recent Belotti and Junuzovic sales."

Anything else to add?

I was also well aware that Davo was bound to take great delight in bumming me. I will now proceed to write 100 times “I must read the rules correctly”

Oh well s**t happen's,  I do plenty of deals anyway and change my team up. I just had no control over this one! 


cheers, cheers, cheers!

We have Trooper in the building to give us an interview about his admin auction! 

*The following has been translated into real words*

How does it feel to have gone into admin again?

It's a normal feeling for me now I feel lost without it.

Why did you comment on your own auction?

the reason I commented was a brain fart moment as I saw Ckenny posted and as he is s complete plum when it comes to transfers (with him it's not the easiest) I would rather stick forks in my eyes at times than doing a deal with him or let him get his hands on my CB. 

Who would've you have least liked to leave as result of this admin?

For me Arango. Only 72 rated but a class player and Knoche for his potential.

Who has left and will you miss them for rest of your season?

Knoche has gone. I 've not used him to be honest as I have not had him long but looked a class act. I have 2 good centre backs so not a great miss as I'm glad Arango didn't go. I value him more, he plays lovely in the game.

How will you recover from this loss and how will you improve your team going forward?

Improving my team is hard as I've got a very average team for Divison One. Selling players in my team is a chore and I won't be surprised if I will go back down. Going into admin at times does not help the situation but rules are rules.

Any last words?

Just like when I was at school ... I must pay more attention.


The Winners!

DELL RFC – Winner of the Riverman administration auction with a bid of 65 million.

Good Afternoon Dell, congratulations on winning the admin auction, here are a few questions:

When you first saw the post about Riverman, who did you want to have from his team?

It was toss up between Iheanacho and Barkley, I love Kelechi but have two decent strikers at the minute and I don't think there is another CAM on the site like Barkley so in the end it had to be him. 

How much did you spend?

I was originally only going to go up to £50m but I decided to tempt fate and out him in my team and it just clicked. After that I couldn't let him pass so blew almost all my cash on him - £65m - the most I've ever spent on a player.

Who did you win and you happy with him also have you been in admin before?

I don't think I have ever been in admin, maybe once back in the day but it's not nice! A few people are saying Riverman has won out of this but he has effectively lost £40odd million and Ross Barkley for 2 players! 



When you first saw the post about trooper, who did you want to have from his team? 

"Lol. I'm on holiday and quickly checked and saw there were two admin auctions. So blindly chucked in a bid in either auction. Wasn't expecting to win. 
I'm still on holiday so when I found out I had won both auctions I had no clue who trooper or Berty44 had in their squads." 

How much did you spend? 

"I desperately needed a striker. But the best I could get was a striker and a fairly decent youth CB. I spent 30m and 15m so 45m in total" 

Who did you win and you happy with them? 

"A new striker, Bou from Berty and a new CB, Knoche from Trooper. Not had a chance to try either out so will probably be very disappointed". 

 Have you been in admin before? 

"No never been in admin!" 


So there you have it. Plenty of big money signings and a bit of work to do for those who lost someone in those auctions. You can never be safe from fines so watch out or you’ll be next.

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