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Thursday, 03 August 2017 07:10

GOTR: Season 13 Round 2

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Cross come shot? Shot? Shittest gamertag change ever? All this is covered in this edition of GOTR. Marc-The-Knife (LOLZ) ran away with the voting in this one with a strike that caused some controversy amongst forum members. Some loved it, some hated it, the fact is the goal won by a whopping 27%. Let's take a look at the goalscorer and see what manager Marc had to say regarding the goal.

The wonderful utility man Nordin Amrabat is the man who scored this weirdly wonderful goal.

He is a filthy player, just look at them stats, greens galore.

We sat down with manager marc to discuss the goal amongst other things, here is hwta he had to say:

This is by far going to be one of the toughest GOTR to beat in terms of quality of goals. How does it feel to have won by 15 votes?

Yeah, it felt good, especially as there were quite a few screamers in this round. I’d like to thank all my voters, they know top quality when they see it.

Did you think you had the winning goal when the voting went live?

I had an inkling I would win this, as it’s a different type of goal to the norm.

You took the sly route of voting for your own goal in this round, this is very frowned upon in the GOTR community. If you didn't pick your goal, which one would you have gone for and why?

I think it was the best goal, simple. 

Though I would have voted for Berty otherwise.

Amrabat ain't no mug on the pitch, so it's no surprise to see him pop up in a GOTR, but what everyone really wants to know is - what the f**k is that gamertag all about? Are you a 13 year old COD gayer in disguise?

Haha, ah the old gamertag diss, I can handle it! since changing it I find myself 2nd in the league and promotion seems closer than it ever has before and a goal of the round win. But for the younger managers on the site, its sort of a play on words on the 1956 Louis Armstrong classic song, Mack The Knife. Mr-Masta was recently called out on this after trying to mug me of in a party saying “Why did you call yourself knife! Why not something bigger like Marc the Sword"

Jokes aside, was the goal scored from an actual shot or a flukey cross?

Who gives a f**k! But of course, it was a magnificent shot with pinpoint accuracy.

Some of the comments from other managers must make you feel good about the goal:

"What a finish!" - Mowgles

"Simply brilliant chip" - Red Rhino

"Cross, shot, what ever it was, it's a smashing effort" - Lukewarm

But with the good comes the bad:

"Can't vote for anyone with a username like Marc The Knife" - Joe

"Amrabat goal is not so special after all" - Sofa

"That's the greatest failed cross of all time" - PPJT

"Fluked that, looks like his finger slipped on to the chip button by mistake.  Also points off for gayest gamertag change in a while" - Tiernobyl

Do you have anything to say to these people?

All I have to say is that Jealousy is the ugliest trait of all. I mean lets take a look at the people who mocked the effort, All negative, arrogant, rude, annoying, ignorant, egotistical managers. In fact I feel very sorry for them.

You will be rewarded with some FLM cash, how do you plan on spending this?

Well, since this goal Amrabat was spotted by PS4 scouts and has moved on up to the Prem for a 55m record fee and is already tearing the league up, so the money will be put towards looking for the next young version of Nordin Amrabat.

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