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Thursday, 03 August 2017 10:58

The Transfer Market and You Part 2

Written by PPJT

The topic of the value of players, and why some are worth considerably more than others is a hotly contested issue ever since the leagues conception, with Jakey Fantastic recently creating a post bemoaning the fact he wasn't getting the prices he felt his players deserved, comparing them to similar players who went for more.  Whether he is right to feel aggrieved is neither here nor there, and is not the purpose of this guide.  But hopefully after reading, you will be able to make your own judgements on the matter.

This guide will be a tutorial on how to ascertain the value of a player compared to others, with more details later on in the meat of the guide.  If you have not read the first in this series, please do so here as it will serve as a way to introduce some of the concepts at play here. You can find this guide here -


What's in a value?

There are many different factors in the value of a player, in my previous guide I went over some of the main ones, so I won't go over them again. What we will do is go over actual players, detailing their pros and cons so that you can make your own decisions on the matter. The aim of this guide is to show that not all players of similar ratings are equal, and why.



What we need to do here is compare a set of players. For this exercise I have decided to select four players who fit the below criteria:

  • Primary Position of CM

  • Between 23 and 28 years of age

  • 75-76 rated

  • Not currently in the leagues (to prevent people getting upset at what could be called devaluing).

We will now go through these players one by one, analysing what about them is good or desirable, and what isn't.

Player 1 - Jordan Ferri (Lyon)

SoFIFA Link:



One thing it’s always worth looking at, regardless of individual stats, is SoFifa’s position ratings, which can tell you if a player would be higher rated in another role.



From this you can see that CM is indeed Ferri’s best position, so nothing special here.


Things to consider here from his stats in the game:

  • Plays for one of the best teams in his league – if he plays most likely will have positive match day ratings (MDR).

  • Has high balance and reasonable strength, along with high aggression, which is a great combination.

  • Decent at shooting from distance, which is always valuable.

  • Not great at any one thing – half decent at everything though.

  • Very poor at several things, especially finishing and heading.

  • Small – 5’8 and yet still fairly slow.

  • 2 * Skill Moves – a deal breaker for some as this means no roulette.

  • H/H work rates, but only 74 stamina – won’t last a full game.

  • Contracted until 2020, and is only 25.


From all this we can see that he is generally well rounded, and is decent if not special. Other resources you should check are, and occasionally At the time of this article the season hasn’t started yet, so it’s not so useful, but let’s take a look.


As you can see here, from what few games are showing, he generally does pretty well when playing which is always nice.

So to finalise:


  • Plays for a strong team contracted for several years into the future and does actually play.

  • High stats in several key stats, such as long shots, balance, aggression

  • No glaring weaknesses other than heading.


  • Small, not quick and not strong

  • Jack of all trades, master of none

  • Not enough stamina to last all game

All in all, a half decent player.  Now on to the next one.


Player 2 - Rodrigo Battaglia (SC Braga)

SoFIFA Link:



Straight away from his stats, you can see he’s much more of a defensive player than an attacking one.  Despite being primarily a CM, you can see that he is essentially a prototypical CDM, with size, strength, and stamina to burn.  This is made even clearer when you look at his ‘True’ ratings.


From this you can see that he goes up two ratings to 77 as a CDM, and one rating to 76 as a CB.


Another thing to note is that with a quick google of this player, you can see that he has just transferred to Sporting Lisbon, one of the strongest teams in Portugal, which also makes him more valuable.  As he has moved clubs recently and we are in pre-season, Whoscored isn’t too helpful, so let’s get right to pros and cons.



  • Much better as a CDM, essentially meaning you get a 77 CDM for the price and wages of a 75 CM

  • Tall, strong, plenty of stamina, and even strong distance shooting

  • His weakest defensive attribute is his sliding tackle, which is not generally an important stat

  • Comfortable on the ball for a CDM

  • Just moved to bigger club

  • 26 years old, going into his prime


  • Clearly a defensive player, rather than the all-rounder expected from a CM

  • While not awful on the ball, has limited vision and passing/dribbling ability

  • Looking at TransferMarkt, there are several higher profile players in his position at his new club, less likely to get game time and improve


So as we can see from this player, sometimes someones primary position is not their best one.  Now on to player 3.


Player 3 - Renan Bressan (Grupo Despotivo de Chaves)

SoFIFA Link:



First things that stand out is that this player is most certainly not an all-rounder – he clearly has very weak defensive skills. From a quick look at his team, it’s clear to see he is the best player on the team, and the team is also still in the Portuguese top flight.  He’s slightly better at CAM, according to SoFifa.



  • Unreal long shooting – for many managers, a lot can be forgiven if you have the ability to twat in a ball from miles out.

  • Good at set pieces – strong free kicks and crossing, and also has the Corner Specialist trait, which may or may not do anything but suggests he’s good at corners

  • Decent stamina, passing and finishing.

  • Best player in his team – likely to be the ‘main man’



  • Poor defensive skills, especially aggression – will constantly lose 50-50s and will be unable to take the ball off anyone

  • Poor physical abilities, despite being slow, weak, and having no balance or jumping abilities, he is still not very agile, which will make him very clunky and unable to utilise his dribbling or shooting abilities

  • Outside of shooting from distance, free kicks and vision, only decent technical stats.

  • Plays for a weak team, likely to receive negative MDRs


All put together, rather underwhelming.  Roll on Player 4.


Player 4 - Alfred Duncan (Sassuolo)

SoFIFA Link:



At first glance, you can see that Alfred has rather a lot of green stats, and is athletically very strong.  Combined with strong defensive abilities and decent technical stats other than a few exceptions, Duncan looks like a very good player.



And the ratings from SoFifa show this, with the player being stronger in many other positions, particularly defensive ones, with him going up to 78 at CDM being the highlight.  Now let’s get into the pros and cons.  A look at TransferMarkt shows that generally when fit, he plays.



  • Fairly quick and strong, always a great combination on Fifa

  • Strong shooting from distance and passing

  • Plenty stamina, along with M/H workrates make him ideal at CDM

  • Higher rated at several other positions.

  • Great defensive abilities, especially aggression.

  • Decent technical stats for how strong he is otherwise

  • 24, with plenty potential



  • Lackluster vision and dribbling limit him as an attacking threat

  • Plays for a mid-table team, will get mixed MDRs

  • Was injured several times last season


From all of the above, you should see that while players may be roughly the same age, rating and position, their qualities and values will vary in a large way.  Above are a few examples of how to go about judging how good a player is, and how valuable they are.  A sample checklist of things to consider are below:

  • Age, Club and Injury Status – Sofifa/Transfermarkt

  • Form/Playtime – Whoscored/Transfermarkt

  • ‘Important in game stats’, strong stat combinations and ‘True Rating’ – Sofifa


For the sake of fun, I’ll share my personal thoughts on the values of the above players were they in the leagues as of the time of writing, half way through Season 13.  Please post your thoughts on the values if you disagree (and plenty people usually do with my valuations!).


Jordan Ferri – 15m

Rodrigo Battaglia – 20-25m

Renan Bressan – 10-12m

Alfred Duncan – 30-35m

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