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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 20:44

GOTR: Season 13 Round 3

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Who would of thought it. Chairfloor scoring a long ranger. It never happens right? To be fair to Chair, this one was probably better than the other 99% of strikes just because he could of easily ran it closer to goal and cut it back, but he decided not to and people respected him for that by giving him over 40% of the votes for this GOTR.

Chairfloor scored this goal with a player who he doesn't actually own, but was a legal entry into GOTR as it was scored in the new FLM feature 'King of the Hill'. Many people did not like the inclusion of KOTH goals but if it brings out strikes like this, why the hell not? So the player who scored the goal was none other than Southampton pace whore Nathan Redmond. We've all heard of him and know what he can do IRL but what about in-game? Take a look at what Redmond is packing on FIFA:

Filthy right? Strange one though considering his finishing stat is low but has a long shot trait, but overall he's a player most would want in their team regardless of his finishing stat.

We caught up with manager Chairfloor for some words regarding the goal, here is what he had to say:

This was a very close win with you grabbing the victory by 2 votes. Do you think it was close or should you have ran away with it?

They were both good goals in fairness but I've think I've just edged it with the fact that I could of gone for the cutback but slammed it in to the top bag instead  

Your closest rival was Dom with his Emenike strike, do you think that deserved the votes it got?

They were the two stand out goals for me in this round. Especially with Dom's being so soon in the game  

If you hadn't of voted for your goal, who would you have gone for?

I would of voted for Dom which would have made it an even closer contest  

You grabbed some plaudits from other managers regarding your strike:

"Chance for a sweaty and pulled out the thunderb*****d instead. A real man" - Kerrgio

"Chairfloor simply because it was so unnecessary but so so right" - PPJT

"He could have easily ran that through but went for the spectacular" - Tazarr

What do you have to say to these well cultured managers?

They obviously know quality when they see it. They obviously respect the fact I'm not a dirty sweaty pookeynoodle. 

With the good comes the bad, here are some of the views from other managers:

"If Chairfloor scored that at 0-0 in the last minute I would have gone for that" - Tommo

"Made a difference to my vote knowing it was a king of the hill match unfortunately" - Gazdavis

"Voted for Gaz, less of a hit and hope than the other 4" - Joe

"Shoot 147625 times. One has to go in" - Mo

Do you respect the opinions of these managers or are they just bitter pookeynoodles?

Quite clearly Prem minks who would sell their kids for a cutback.

And Mo is a pookeynoodle  

As always, FLM Poundings is on offer to the winner of GOTR. How do you plan on spending it?

I'll buy another s**t 60 rated mink and continue to p**s off all in the league when they can't beat me.

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