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Tuesday, 29 August 2017 21:16

GOTR: Season 13 Round 4

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This was quite deservedly the most one sided GOTR's we've ever had. Who doesn't like a bit of skill followed by a smashing effort? Who does't like seeing John Terry being made to look like a mug? Manager PPJT has quite possibly scored not only GOTR but goal of the season here with a 74 rated player. He deserves all the credit he's got so far for the strike.

So who scored the goal? Yusuf Erdogan! Yeah, I'd never heard of him either, but I certainly have now. he has plenty of 'green' stats to go along with numerous traits. Let's check him out:

Safe to say this fella is one of those hidden gems on FIFA and can see many people chasing him with stats like that.

We caught up with manager PPJT to speak about the goal, here is what he had to say:

A landslide victory for you in this round of goals, with your closest rival in the voting being 22 votes away. Did you think you had the winning effort when the video was released?

I reckoned my goal was pretty special, and when the video was put out I reckoned it was clearly the best one of the lot.

If you hadn't of chosen your own goal, which would you have gone for?

Think it would have to be Afobes effort, though I think if that was attempted in real life it'd end with a broken ankle!

Do you think the John Terry post on the forum made people vote for your goal?

I reckon it was more the icing on the cake - i think the majority of people will vote directly after watching the video and before looking at the comments anyway.  Though I'm sure it made it even more enjoyable for some!

Nothing but positive messages regarding your strike:

"Erdogan for me too. Lovely flick and finish" - RickyT

"That flick and strike was a thing of beauty" - Tommo

"I was all ready to vote for Afofe, until 1m14 seconds and that all went out of the window" - Marco

"Love a bit of skill and it was followed by a great finish" - Berty

Do you have anything to say to these members?

Thanks for the compliments on the goal, it is definitely great when you pull something outrageous off for once, anyone who has played me in league games or friendlies, or even clubs knows I always like to try the spectacular!  And I reckon that might be the closest thing to a compliment Ricky has said to me in the 7+ years I've known him!

You will be rewarded with FLM poundings, how do you plan on spending it?

I didn't know about that!  Result.  I'll probably put it towards an effort to either get a nice CDM, or perhaps improve my keeper - I'm quite happy going forwards now that I have Milik.

I'd also like to say thanks to yourself Ninja, for putting in the effort and making these GOTR videos for us all.

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