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Friday, 08 September 2017 21:44

GOTR: Season 13 Round 5

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It's always him! There is never a dull moment when Mario Balotelli is around. Wherever he goes he's involved in something. Manager DJPL seems to have him settled in the PS4 Prem playing for Chelsea. He is no stranger to GOTR entries and can anyone be surprised with his stats? This GOTR however was a fierce battle with DJPL claiming victory by 1 vote. We'll catch up with manager DJPL after a quick look at the man in the spotlight, Mario Balotelli.

We all know what Mario is capable of and he has the stats to back himself up. Finishing? Check. Dribbling? Check. Shot Power? Check. Loads of traits? Check. He is a proper slag.

Who wouldn't want a player like this in their team?

Let's hear what manager DJPL had to say regarding the goal:

This is the closest voting i think we've ever had, with you taking the victory by 1 vote over Nutty. Did you think you had the winning effort when submitting?

Tbh I wasnt convinced this would win but it was a classy finish so was definately going to be there or thereabouts.

Was there any goal before voting went live that you thought would beat yours?

Probably Nuttys.

It seemed Nutty could of shared this victory if he had taken the time and voted for his own goal like you did. Clever thinking on your behalf voting for yourself?

Mario is a confidence player so I had no option but to back him at the time.

It seemed most people were more inclined to vote for Germain and Susaeta than Balotelli looking at some of the comments:

"Germain was nice but don't see many overheads so went with Susaeta" - Hammer

"Got to be Germain for me, utterly silky" - PPJT

Do you have anything to say to these managers? Do yo respect their opinions?

Its quite clear that these managers have something against Mario hence the comments.

As always, money will be on offer for winning, how do you plan on using it?

The money will go straight to the owners after the recent tax hit.

Very brief from DJPL, obviously busy lining up Deadline Day targets. Keep your eyes peeled for more GOTR articles and also Goal of the Season which will be on the forum soon.

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