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Sunday, 17 September 2017 20:32

GOTR: Season 13 Round 6

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Ladies and gentlemen, after a few seasons of doing GOTR, we have our first DRAW in the voting! Can you believe out of all the votes that could be cast we could actually end with a result like this. They were both quality goals and both deserved to win it outright it is just a shame they've come together in the same round. There seemed to be some voting scandals going on to with outsiders trying to sway people into voting for other goals, shocking behaviour tbf. But we'll discuss that with the managers right now.

Before we talk to the winning managers, Spragga and Howson, we'll have a quick look at the players who scored the goals for them. We'll start with Spragga's player, who smashed one in, it's none other than the USA international Jermaine Jones:

Not the most attack minded player, but a tough competitor who will cause players a hard time duing the game.

Howson's player, Jean-Paul Boetius, on the other hand is a filthy pace mink with 4* skill moves, so it's a no brainer as to why he scored such a fancy goal:

That's enough gazing at players we wish we owned, let's get down to the nitty gritty and speak with both managers about the goals, here is what they had to say:

We've had close GOTR voting, victories by 1 vote, but we've never had a draw in the voting, with both yourself and Howson claiming 43% of the votes. With only 45 people voting, do you think if the other half the leagues pulled their finger out you would of taken the victory?

Spragga: Its welcome news though, but a difficult first question to answer, it obviously split opinions on the site, would have been interesting to see the outcome if every manager took the 4 minutes to watch the vid and actually vote, I'm not the most active manager on flm compared to over on pen, but I still manage to vote every GOTM time.

Howson: If Tiernobyl hadn’t accidentally voted for Luke I’d have won, but I’d of have won with ease if the rest of the managers had bothered their arses voting.

What made your goal stand out more than Howson's Spragga?

From my point of view, Jones volley stood out a bit more mainly due to the surprise of the strike from a corner, he aint known for that kind of hit, but it looked sweet and in real time was a mental goal, I dont score many down in division 2 but the odd goal is a banger.

And what do you think made your goal stand out more than Spragga’s Howson?

A touch of class.

You’s both obviously took the tactical route by voting for your own goal, but if you had to choose another which would you of gone for?

Spragga: Haha, I voted for my own goal? yeah, last time I was selected for a GOTR contender, Cambiasso's 30 yard screamer, I was so used to over on pen, where you aint allowed to vote for your own goal, I voted for Jakey's goal, but when I looked Jakey had voted for his own goal, and I think I ended up 2nd to him, so was not gonna get caught out this time, and yeah, as soon as I looked if Howson voted for his goal, he had.... all good then. but yeah, I would have voted for Howson also cheeky as you like goal.

Howson: I was going to vote for Luke’s but you’ve always got to vote for your own goal, right?

The voting thread got quite heated in regards to both goals, people seemed to be all over Howson and his fancy flick, but when it come to a smashing effort from yourself, the comments were quite negative. What was your view on it all?

Spragga: I aint quite sure why the thread went the way it did, but I got caned previously for the Cambiasso goal because of the celebration, or lack off one by many managers, a few even said, would have voted for spragga but that celebration sucked, haha, I’m a big boy, i tie my own shoelaces and eat my greens, I can take that.

Howson: The goal spragga scored pop up all the time, how often do we see ones like mine posted? 

Money will be handed out for scoring the joint best goal of the round, how do you plan on spending it?

Spragga: I would like to spend the cash Manuel Lanzini, please.

Howson: A centre back.

Well I think it's saf to say Spragga won't be getting Lanzini from the cash raised here, LOL. Some great responses from both managers. Keep an eye out for the next GOTR article which is coming soon along with Goal of the Season!

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