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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 12:22

Manager of the Season

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At last, after a bit of a delay. The item you've all been waiting for. 

No messing, straight in there.

PS4 Premiership Winner is:

Yep, you read it right, a draw. Honours shared for the first time ever (maybe)Quotes from their peers.

CKenny: Scott RFC: I would've had him to be fighting relegation but goes on to finish 2nd!
Fungus: My vote goes to Masta, won the title at a canter really!

DJPLcan only be masta really. Remained consistent throughout the season
RickyTMr masta for me. Been the most consistent player this season and deserved winner of the title. 
SteveViper: I will go for Scott-RFC such an amazing season for him to get 2nd (bowing smiley)

PS4 Division One Winner is:

The young Buncey walks off with the division one title 

PPJT: Got to be Mr Buncey, man accidentally smashed it right up until he hibsed it at the end.  Still think he's confused at how his season went
Starke: He's s**t  yet somehow came second (confused smiley)
​​​​​​Steevoo: Buncey,  for me Double promotion in a tough league too
 PPJT came a close second, but it's not good enough. 

PS4 Division Two Winner is:

Utter whitewash, Six out of the Seven cast went to Marco

Hammer: Marc-The-Knife for me. Looked like ben91tucker was going to walk it but Marco pulled it out to take the title.
Honourable mention for 
fcumkev, good laugh in our games and his views on Ramos
Ben: My vote goes to Marco, great form at end of season 

BTG: Has to be Marco, fantastic season and built himself an unstoppable team. Worthy winner
ScottWales: Finished outside the play-offs last season. Did some wheeling and dealing, it paid off and he has an OP title-winning team now.

Ben came second with one, from Marco, Stench voted for himself! good effort on the meet up though. 

Now onto the Xbox side.

Xbox Premiership Winner was: 

After some hounding of a certain member, then a nice PM, we got our true winner. 

T: Very high standard of playing ability combined with being a very active community member, never causes any trouble.
Doob:BumbleBee, great season back to his best Sofa came second for his "park the bus - counter attack" style of play 

Xbox Divison One Winner is:

He nearly got back to back promotions, but alas, fell short. Jakey "marginally" Fantastic.

Mackem: Seriously how the f**k does Jakey nearly make the prem (lol smiley)
Vondia: had a great season and always fun to talk to!
Berty: Win or lose I always love playing him, great banter. He did have a good season, just missing out on consecutive promotions but it's not about that for me really
Ragefloor: because he’s a pookeynoodle 

Xbox Divison Two Winner is:

That prawn sandwich eating blaggard!  

DiodeX: What a turnaround
Tuggi: Beat me in a playoff game but whenever I had to play him was one of the easiest for me to get hold of and backed that up with a 4th place finish. Good season all around.
J0rd4n: The only person to really give me trouble in the league, was unlucky to drop off it towards the end of the season.
Mowgles: Has smashed it this season with great results, always on time with games and has built a very strong team, he's still a
pookeynoodle though
Grumbo: Amazing turnaround.


Well, there you have the results at last, just in time for the preseason work to start. Thanks for voting. See you next season. 

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