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Friday, 06 October 2017 15:20

GOTR: Season 13 Round 7

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It's the final GOTR of the season and there was some cracking efforts entered. As always though, there can only be one winner, and battling his way through the voting to be crowned king for this round was Geasers and his skillful effort from Babacar. He fought off some fierce competition from GazDavis, Berty, Chairfloor (the dab celebration, really?) and Kenny with his glitchy cross come shot, to win by 10% of the votes. We caught up with Geasers to discuss the goal and we'll also take a look at the goalscorer, Babacar and see what he's made of.

We'll start off looking at the goalscorer, Babacar. For thos who dont know who he is, have a look at his stats:


Quite the attacking force, quick, strong and can finish. An asset most would want in their team for sure. 

We caught up with manager Geasers to discuss the goal, here's what was said:

It seemed like this one was going to be close with most of the people on the forum making BIG NOISE for the effort from GazDavis, but you managed to grab victory by 7 votes, why/how do you think you grabbed the victory? 

I normally think flair sort of goals have a very good chance of winning and looking at how well Howson did in previous round I was confident enough of taking it down.

A very similar effort was scored in the previous round and didn't manage to claim the victory outright. What made your goal stand out more than the previous? 

I don’t think there much in it besides Howson dirty chip threw ball to set it up I suppose :lol: also the quality of Jones effort in last round was just to good not to win and luckily for me it wasn’t repeated in this round.

You voted for your own goal, but if you had to choose another, which would you have gone for? 

I would have went for Chairwhore he does enjoy a good long shot.

As previously mentioned, the BIG NOISE was for the effort from GazDavis, but a couple of comments that stand out are:

"If you haven't voted Geasers what are you doing with your life?" - Joe

"He obviously pressed the wrong button" - Tiernobyl

Two very conflicting comments, which would you say was more true?

Tier a complete pookeynoodle tbf but on the above he couldn’t have been more right, I didn’t mean the goal at all, hit the wrong button when shooting but luckily for me it found the back of the net. I never get to enter in these so was delighted I could score a half decent goal to enter

FLM poundings are on offer for winning, how would you plan on spending it?

On paper I’ve a pretty solid team but I certainly don’t have them playing that way, I’ve recently splashed out on Rashford so that’s striker position sorted so with the cash I’d use it to upgrade my right back

That is it for Season 13 folks, keep an eye out for GOTR in the upcoming Season 14.

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