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Saturday, 30 December 2017 21:00

Manager Spotlight: Jaminator Featured

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Jaminator recently joined the league and has taken over PEC Zwolle in the Xbox Divison 1 league.   He has started out really strong winning 5 of his first 6 games and winning 2 against one of the top managers in the division, Razakel.  HIs best top scorer is Steve Mounie who has scored 8 goals in just 6 games!!  Here is a spotlight interview with one of our newest managers here at FLM.   

Where are you from?
Originally I am from Coventry, now I live in Hull for my work and my fiancée's work.

What do you do for work?
For the past 7 Years I've worked at Specsavers, just started off as a job and now it's turned into a career. I am now a Trainer within my current store.

What club do you support in real life?
The Super Sky Blues, Coventry City! By birth and location mainly. It's really not easy being a Coventry fan, when you see the likes of Arsenal fans getting frustrated with Wenger and these lower end Prem teams being fed up with their team's playing style. It becomes difficult to swallow when you've got owners who have no duty of care for the club and a 32,000 seat stadium that you can't fill 30% of in League 2. For a long time my Second team has been Man City, probably since the Mark Hughes era of City, when they signed Robinho, Benjani and Jo etc (Just before the big money). It's nice to see a team playing football the right way and getting the plaudits for it, obviously it helps when you've got unlimited funds.

How long have you been playing Fifa?
I've been playing Fifa for as long as I can remember. Probably back to Fifa 05? 

You just recently joined the leagues how did you hear about the site? 
I previously was a part of the leagues a long time ago, back before transfers and franchises were a thing! I seem to remember having my assigned team as Stoke City and banging in goals with James Beattie and Ricardo Fuller. Long time ago! I contacted an old friend RFC Buncey about re-joining the leagues and he pointed me in the right direction.


What has been your impressions of the site and league so far?
The site is fantastic, such a variety of topics flying around and everyone is always up for a laugh! The league has been good so far, it's nice to play with lads who enjoy the game and aren't fussed if they lose a few along the way!

How do you like your team right now?
Having been added to the leagues part way through, I was given a lot of Defenders which allowed me to make some changes in the Transfer Market. My team isn't yet perfect, but with a few alterations I'll be happy with the squad going forward. What's important to me is to play nice football, and hopefully get a win at the end, if not then at least I'm having fun!

Who are your star three players currently? The player that will win you the game when you need them most or the players that will make that goal line clearance to keep you ahead in a game?
This is such a hard question for me to answer, partly because I've only been in the leagues for a short time, but mainly because already I've got a great spine throughout my team. My surprise package at the moment has been my LB, Philip Max. In real life he plays for Augsberg and has supplied my front men with a great quality of crosses. Pallois at CB is a rock and makes last ditch tackles on a regular basis. He's easily recognisable with his chrome bald head and stocky figure. Then arguably the shock member of my squad and my star player at this stage of the season, Steve Mounie! The Huddersfield front man has been amazing so far scoring in seemingly every game for me this season. Not blessed with the most amount of pace, but when he starts he takes a lot of stopping! 

What positions are you currently looking to improve on?
I would like to add maybe another CAM or possibly another ST to the squad, just in the event that my patterns of play become to familiar and I need a Plan B. Some pace would be good, or possibly a small and tricky ST to mix things up.

Are there any players in the league you would give anything to get?
It's difficult to say without outlining my intentions. A few that would certainly be of interest would be the likes of Ryan Babel and Richarlison within my current Division. I'm not 100% sure if he's included in the leagues yet, but one player that I would love to have would be Callum Wilson, the pacey front man previously of Coventry would be a great addition to my squad.

What kind of research do you complete when looking at potential deals?
I think you've got to look at what playing style you use and how any player fits in with that. If you don't play wide men or get a lot of crosses in, then Andy Carroll would be useless. Similarly if you have an abundance of one type of player with no Plan B, you could come unstuck against the better players within the division. I like to have players I have knowledge of in real life, whether than be through watching football or finding a hidden gem through the likes of Football Manager (ala Pulisic from Dortmund, someone who for years of FM has been a wonderkid and now is getting a first team place on a regular basis).

Looking at your fellow managers and squads in the league. What are your thoughts for the season ahead ?  Top 3 and Bottom 3?
I would like to think if I can keep up my current early form, then I may be amongst the top 3 come the end of the season. The obvious manager and squad to mention in the promotion chase would be Marc with his expensively assembled Lyon side boasting some of the best players in the league by far and the only team to beat me as I write this answer. Similarly Crash and Pacfish could be in the promotion race, the latter being strengthened with his favoured Embolo being back in his squad. Down the other end, it's never a nice thing to contemplate, but the favourites at this stage for relegation have to be the likes of Red Rhino, Scotty and Berty. This is solely down to the way the table is shaping up at the moment as it rarely lies at this stage of a season with all three having played 14 games +. 

You’ve gotten off to a great start in Xbox Division 1.  What has been the key to your early success? 
I’d like to say it’s because I’ve got a game plan, but it’s simply due to my sheer enjoyment of being back within the league set up and my willingness to play nice football. During my first game of the season against Red Rhino he said to the party “I can see Jaminator scoring a lot, but conceding a lot also”. This is what I’m trying to avoid in the long run, I love going forward but must ensure I tighten up at the back.

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