Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Aatif Chahechouhe 1 41'
Time Event QTY
25' 1 - Vondia
52' 1 Ibrahim Afellay
86' 1 Jürgen Locadia
1 Donny van de Beek

First half Mo was on the up and a low cross hit his striker in the feet who passed it against my defender who ended up scoring an own goal:facepalm:. A bit later in the first half Chahechou came inside and shot a perfect bal in the goal via the inside of the post. In the 2nd half Valencia moved things around and the game changed in their advantage. With 2 goals and some other chances (including a 1 on 1 with Locadia) they could've gone away with the win. But with the first half being all Mo i think both party's could life with the draw.