Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Leonardo Pavoletti 1 77'
Time Event QTY
69' 1 Luciano Vietto
86' 1 Kerim Frei
1 Kerim Frei

This was a very hard fought game , @ZoSo is one of those players that presses your players so much it's difficult to move the ball around.  I was looking for revenge after my 6-0 defeat in the last game of the previous season but after 2 wins from 6 games I wasn't too hopeful.

Zoso started off the game flying and nearly scored before my team had touched the ball but a last ditch block saved the day. 

We went in at half time 0-0 with Zoso having more chances and possession 

Then the drama started ....  it was a decent flowing game and both teams had chances until Mpoku put a delightful through ball into Vietto's path and he made no mistake inside the box.  Just 3 minutes later Vietto went through again only this time he fired it over the crossbar with only the keeper to beat.  I have struggled to hold onto leads this season and so it proved again ....  for me this was the luckiest of goals .... but I guess you could call it bad defending , Pavoletti firing home on 77 minutes following a scramble. 

Both teams went at it then and Zoso unluckily hit the base of the post .... before the Seattle defenders scrambled the ball clear. Then  with just 4 minutes on the clock , a moment of magic .... a great move took place with Sinclair passing the final ball to Kerim Frei who took the ball , moved it to his right and then launched it into the top corner. A GOTR contender but I forgot to record it ..... 

Zoso came at me as I knew he would but I held on for a very decent victory. 

Zoso had the better share of all the stats ....  but for once my finishing came off best 


unlucky pal .... and I look forward to playing you again in a few weeks