An early push for supremacy saw the home side smash home a cut back ( :lol: sorry Grumbo) and from then on it was as though the away side all but gave up hope after what was blatantly a shaggy 2nd minute cut back :huhlmao:. All joking aside, a second (not a cut back) came shortly after the restart on 6 minutes before things settled into what always seemed to be a one sided affair, with every bounce, interception etc all falling to the home side.

The teams went in 3-0 at half time, and with more of the same in the second half Empoli just didn't seem to get going despite having a lion share of possession. The game fizzled out and after adding 2 more it finished 5-0.

Unlucky @Grumbo, usually very close and I think had you not taken the cut back to heart you could have worked your way back into it