Player statistic

After going 2-0 up against Seattle and losing 3-2, there was stories floating about how Jordan had given his fulham team the hairdryer treatment. Fulham came in to the game all guns blazing and Lorient manager tunners had no reply. Zarate opened the scoring on the 5th minute, followed by Martinez on the 12th and Zarate again on the 17th. The game then looked done and Fulham seemed happy with there league playing some lovely football and Lorient couldn't get a hold of the ball and had them wondering how Fulham ever got relegated to div2 in the first place. The game stayed 3-0 untill the 80th Minute when Rhino asked Tunners what the score was and he replied still only 3-0, I dont know if this put Lorient off or Fulham stepped it up a gear but Elia had a shot from the wing which the keeper parried and Zarate finished it with a fancy shot for his hat trick.