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Well a game that started even but as things got on the away side stepped up. At 1-0 from an awesome penalty that went into the net like you'd expect.

A set piece came to the rescue and Sulu hit the top corner from a swirling cross that all the defenders just watched, and it was game on. A few failed chances from both sides seen the game fizzle to what was sure to be a draw, but a cleared corner met the thunderous feet of Titi halfway in the opponents half.  Knowing he's the last defender he lets rip from 40 yards out, and as expected sends a bobbler into the chaotic box of players scrambling to close down, and with a small deflection a defender assisted this Titi shot to bobble in the bottom corner when previously looked wide bound.

Mowgles was hurt, he was seething as shortly before he could have took the lead, and threw everything at it, only for Hurtado to hurt him on the counter and put the game to bed at 3-1.

Well played Mowgles, a close game really that could have easily ended 3-3