Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Sebastian Blanco 1 36'

Tough first half with Dio getting the only goal of the half .... with Blanco tapping in after a great shot from his striker hit the post.

In the second half I was struggling to get anything going until Vietto ran through the left channel and beat the defender to hit his shot right through the goalkeeper for a bit of a lucky equaliser. 

If that was lucky .... the penalty I received just a few minutes later was even luckier with substitute Penaranda going down very easily in the box for the dodgiest of penalties....   I'm not a PS4 Bandit so was happy to smash in the penalty .....   though it was a pretty s**t one in all honesty just creeping in past the keeper. 

From then on it was all hands to the pump trying to keep out an angry Diodex ....    

Vietto raced away for his hatrick right on the whistle following sustained pressure. 


I was lucky with this one mate ....   great game though.