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The predicted difficult season continued for Aston Villa with another lose. This time at the hands of the Tigres team and their manager Scott. Tigres had obviously targeted this game as a must win and set their stall out early by playing a pace natural winger as their striker but it worked and took the lead early after a fortunate bounce fell to Alustiza who finished easily. Tigres continued their dominance of the first half but tried to walk the ball into the net with little passes in the area to try and guarantee a goal where a shot from the edge of the box. Aston Villa whilst limited to changes grabbed an equalizer after Kodija head a cross on to the arse of Valdes and bounced into the goal. The game looked set to be a draw but in the dying seconds one last attack saw Tigres burst into the box to the by line and then triple tap a cross for an easy finish.

GG Mate!