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A really end to end game especially in the last 20 minutes.

Fungus took an early lead through Delgado and it looked like Bayern had pulled it level when Pereira smashed home, only for the ref to pull it back.......can't believe the ref has given a penalty to my guy down in the box when the balls already over the line......

Oh actually no he hasn't given a penalty he has given a free kick to Fungus :crazy: literally no idea what happened and funnily enough the game decided not to show a replay.

Bayern then came up against a keeper on fire who pulled off some unreal saves, which in fairness should have seen Fungus take the 3 points.

But no.....

All my great attempts were parried only for the most s**tty goal to roll past the keeper on the floor :lol: 

This game is f**king garbage