Xbox Division Two Mid Season Review

XBOX Division 2 Mid Season Review Its already been half a season in XBOX Division 2 with almost all of the games played. This season the division has 10 solid managers playing each other 4 times.

Manager Spotlight: Jaminator

Jaminator recently joined the league and has taken over PEC Zwolle in the Xbox Divison 1 league.   He has started out really strong winning 5 of his first 6 games and winning 2 against one of the top managers in the division, Razakel.  HIs best top scorer is Steve Mounie who has scored 8 goals in just 6 games...

A Rivalry Renewed

An old rivalry was renewed yesterday when manager Jakey Fantastic brought his Independent Medellin team to Spain to face-off against Crash151 and his Real Madrid club.  It has been over 7 years since they last faced each other in a competitive match and the fans were given a great back and forth affair.  Thro...

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PS4 League Season 14

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Bertys Guide To Ultimate Team

The new season is not far away and while everyone is waiting for it to start many have delved into FUT for the first time.

07-11-2017 Hits:187 FLM News Berty - avatar Berty

GOTR: Season 13 Round 7

It's the final GOTR of the season and there was some cracking efforts entered. As always though, there can only be one winner, and battling his way through the voting to be crowned king for this round was Geasers and his skillful effort from Babacar. He fought off some fierce com...

06-10-2017 Hits:195 Goal of The Round Ninjabean - avatar Ninjabean

Manager of the Season

At last, after a bit of a delay. The item you've all been waiting for.  No messing, straight in there.

03-10-2017 Hits:247 FLM News DiodeX - avatar DiodeX

Goal of The Round

It's the final GOTR of the season and there was some cracking efforts entered. As always though, there can only be one...

Ladies and gentlemen, after a few seasons of doing GOTR, we have our first DRAW in the voting! Can you...

It's always him! There is never a dull moment when Mario Balotelli is around. Wherever he goes he's involved in...

This was quite deservedly the most one sided GOTR's we've ever had. Who doesn't like a bit of skill followed...

Xbox League Tables

  1. Premiership
  2. Division 1
  3. Division 2
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 SteveyBhoy 13 25 41
2 Joe 11 24 37
3 Cricky 11 22 35
4 Bumblebee 10 29 34
5 Geasers 8 13 28
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Jaminator 21 43 66
2 Marco 19 36 62
3 Lukewarm 16 6 51
4 ScottWales 12 9 42
5 Jakey Fantastic 12 12 40
Rank Teams Won GD Points
1 Grumbo 23 61 76
2 Payne Wales 21 28 66
3 Tuggi 19 36 60
4 Mowgles 17 24 60
5 Tunners 14 15 54
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