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The first half was the Sociedad show, with shots flying left right and center. If it wasn't for Rafael being a absolute beast and making some top top saves the home side would/should have gone in at HT at least a goal or 2 up. At half time Sociedad had 10 shots to Burton's 1. The brewers came out in the 2nd half looking a much better side, and it didn't take too long for them to get a goal to really ruffle the feathers of the away side. A bit of passing from Burton around the edge of the box finally found Potuk who was rushing into the box with plenty of space in front of him and made no mistake with a first time low strike. Sociedad kept on trying to score but it just wasn't happening for them on the day. Towards the end of the match Sociedad had a golden opportunity when a man on the ball was allowed to turn and shoot in the box but the left leg of Rafael was stretched just enough to stop the ball from going in.