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The game started with a shocker. Alex Meier did a lovely 1-2-Pass with Pablo Hernandez and scores easily to bring the lead for Fulham. The Austrians fought back hard and created chances after chances but couldnt score. A penalty should have been given to the Austrians but the referee decided against it for an unknown reason. The goalkeeper Guilherme was on form and saved 7 shots throughout the game but couldnt safe Waris shot from a close range in the 34th minute to equalise. Waris was also there to slot home a header from a great cross from Lazaro shortly before Halftime. Schaub scored after a pass from the man of the match waris to let the Austrians cheer early. Another shocker 6 minutes later to get back into the game. A fulham cross was defended poorly and the ball came directly to elia who had no problem to score. Took until the 85th minute to relieve the austrians again as Waris scored again. In a dramatic finish where Fulham put everything upfront Özcan saved a penalty and Waris scored to finish the game up as the referee had a miserable time outside the box