Xbox Division 1


The match started well for Fulham going 1-0 up early and looking good. Untill Avispa looked clean through on goal and Mejia for fulham made a last minute slide tackle winning the ball and the man, the opposing manager congratulated him on this challenge and assumed the ball had gone out for a corner. Only to then realise he had been awarded a penalty and Mejia a red card. The penalty was converted and the score was now 1-1. From here Fulham looked to play quite well even being down to 10 men, but unfortunately they could not make the possesion pay and eventually Avispa found the gap made it 2-1. This led to fulham trying to go a bit more attacking, opening them selfs up and eventually going 3-1 down. With 85 minutes gone the game looked all but done untill Martinez managed to score making the last 5 minutes a bit more intense

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