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Well, after putting some of his squad up for sale, the players answered the managers questions by producing another masterclass performance befitting of their soon to be Premier League Status.


Medellin followed on from their previous victory with a shackles off, spreading the play, wingwhoring & doggedness in the middle of the park the fans had become so accustomed to in their title & cup winning season. After just 5 minutes, Puch was set free down the right to deliver a sumptuous ball to the yet again downgraded Pirlo, who took his frustration at such a disservice out on the ball and booted the b*****d with such ferocity that the opposition could only admire the hips on the man, and his hair, and his absolute legacy.


What followed was patience in winning the ball back before unleashing their intrusive probe repeatedly :drool: . With the opposing manager voicing his displeasure at the eagerness to cross from the Colombians, they targeted the flanks with full effect. Sadly for Medellin, they couldn't quite get the 2nd goal to cap what was a marvellous performance with Ginter & Illarramendi putting out fires for fun. That was until the 81st minute, when the Spanish Anchor made an unfamiliar run into the box and put it on a plate for the Italian veteran to stroke home the elusive 2nd. 


Following a rocky start to their season, the Colombians like it here. This division shall now be known as the departure lounge! 


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