Xbox Division 1


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In the 21st minute El Ghazi had the first chance of the game with a way to soft shot not really dangerous. Then 9 minutes later it was again El Ghazi threw on goal from the side but a great safe by Guilherme. Right before half time Zarate got the ball from a defender in the penalty box and shot but it went wide over. And then in the 43rd minute Fulham opened the score with Lens coming threw from the right side. Vermeer stopped the ball but it came lose in front of goal. Aké tried to header it away but he hit Zarate and the ball went in 0-1. Then in injury time of the 1st half it was again El Ghazi with the biggest chance of the match. Going 1 on 1 with the goaly but again Guilherme came out on top and stopped the ball. Then even later in injury time Kennedy got the ball from Edwards and placed the ball in the top corner 1-1. Crazy ending to the first half. In the 2nd half it was Valencia who managed to get some chances but again and again Guilherme managed to stop everything. In the 84th minute it was El Ghazi with the threw ball on toornstra. He didn't think and shot right away to make it 2-1.


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