Xbox Division 2


Player statistic

QTY Event Time
Paul-Jose Mpoku 1 45'
Time Event QTY
65' 1 Aviles Hurtado
90' 1 Aviles Hurtado
1 Aviles Hurtado

Hurtado indeed !  

This was very frustrating and Rhino Rage was evident again as I threw away a winning position and conceded a very late winning goal for the 3rd time this season.

This was a very tight even game as they usually are with Tuggi ,  I scored a goal out of nothing really just before half time with Mpoku smashing in a great goal from the edge of the box following a cross from Miranchuk.

The second half started with Malmo on the front foot but they were unable to hurt Seattle until the 65th minute .... some great wing play and low cross was met by Hurtado at the near post who knocked it in with aplomb.   It stunned the Seattle manager as I didn't think I was in any real danger of giving up that lead. 

The game was end to end after that as both teams went for the win .... then deep into injury time a misplaced Malmo pass went to the Seattle centre back .... who dallied on the ball and Hurtado robbed him to slot the ball past Rensing. 


Great game and chat @Tuggi  ,  I apologise for the rage .... I need to take a chill pill as Trooper would tell me. :lol:

That's 4 games I've lost , all by a single goal and 3 of them on or after the 87th minute .... 

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